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Not all leg ulcers are incurable.  There is hope! New Medical evidence shows that you can cure leg ulcers by treating vein disease. Read more to learn what you can do to prevent leg ulcers from coming back and the latest medical findings from the EVRA trial.

Vein ulcers on the leg are a late sign of venous disease and have a significant impact on your life and health.  Vein ulcers are the result of high blood pressure in the veins and are caused by the same vein problems that cause varicose veins.  Early symptoms of varicose vein disease are leg heaviness, cramps, itching, swelling and fatigue. As the process continues, later stages of vein disease include skin changes, eczema, skin thickening, and ulceration of the skin.

The main treatment for leg ulcers has included leg elevation, mobility, compression stockings, weight loss and local wound care.  Unfortunately, many times the ulcers do not get better with just this treatment as the underlying cause remains untreated. This leads to decreased quality of life and mobility.  However, its is now clear that the same simple treatments utilized for varicose veins can effectively manage your ulcers.

New medical data from the best expert vein doctors shows that treating venous insufficiency and vein disease early can help with ulcers. A medical study called the EVRA trial found out that closing down unhealthy veins improved circulation and helped ulcers heal more quickly. Compared with traditional therapy, early treatment with superficial vein ablation (closing down the unhealthy veins without surgery) resulted in faster healing from leg ulcers due to venous disease. This made people like you, with ulcers, feel much better!

Hopefully, these results will lead to greater awareness in the medical community to refer patients early for venous disease, especially ulcers.  The overwhelming majority of ulcers are the result of superficial vein disease that now has a proven technique for successful treatment. If you want to cure your leg ulcers, see a specialized vein physician to find out about treating venous disease and fixing your ulcers faster and with higher success.

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