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As we get older, there are many changes to the body and one of the major ones can be the appearance of varicose veins. In some cases they are severe and can cause a lot of pain, yet for others there are no symptoms, just veins that are much more visible than they should be. There are other names for varicose veins including varicosities and spider veins, although spider veins do just tend to be varicose veins that are smaller. A NYC vein doctor will be able to identify any unusual veins as such.

Varicose veins are most likely going to appear on the legs and are easily identifiable as they will be raised into the skin and take on the appearance of a twisted rope. They also appear to have a blue rather than a red color, and a simple examination will let a vein doctor make a diagnosis. Anyone can suffer from varicose veins, but there are certain groups who are the most susceptible. These will be:

  • Women –There does not seem to be a specific reason for this and a vein doctor will explain that that is just the way it is
  • Overweight – This will put extra stress on the veins and cause them to fail
  • Family – If past generations of your family have had them, it is likely that you will have them as well
  • Pregnancy – Most of the time the varicose veins will go once the baby is born, but multiple pregnancies can result in them staying
  • Lifestyle – In order to work correctly, the veins need to have a mix of movement and rest. Too much of one will damage the veins.

Spider Veins

Another name for these veins is telangiectasias and they gain their name from their appearance. They look like a spiders’ web spreading out across the area and a NYC vein doctor will be able to tell the difference between these and the larger varicose veins. They are small blood vessels that can appear anywhere on the body but are more likely to be found on the face. They tend to start appearing as you reach the age of 50 and while different, can exist alongside varicose veins. You will not have the symptoms with spider veins that you do with varicose, but most people will want them to be dealt with via a NYC vein doctor if they are visible. At times there can be throbbing or swelling but not often and you should tell the vascular doctor in NYC everything. You are likely to get spider veins for pretty much the same reasons as varicose veins including:

  • Weight
  • Family history
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting or standing for too long
  • Hormone treatment
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Previous surgery on the veins
  • Aging
  • HRT
  • History of blood clots

There will not be the need to be treated by a vein doctor unless there is pain or the veins seem to be getting worse.

Venous Insufficiency

This is the technical name given by a vein doctor to describe the condition where there are problems with blood flowing from the legs back up to the heart. The reason for this will be the valves that normally usher the blood in and out will have become damaged and are not doing their job anymore. If they are not closing properly when the blood enters the vein, they will also not be pushing the blood on and it will fall back down the way it came. When this happens, it ends up pooling at the foot and can cause the skin to appear a darker color. Venous insufficiency is less discriminatory and affects people of any gender and any age.

Normally this can be dealt with via a home remedy or general medication. It is when things go further that a vein doctor needs to be involved. When you present at the NYC vein doctor due to painful varicose veins, they are going to test you for venous reflux. This is nothing to worry about, as there are a lot of remedies and some of them are quick and easy fixes. Some of them will be covered by your insurance, but there are times when they will not be covered. You should check this before undergoing treatment, as you may be able to arrange a plan with the vein doctor involved.

Many clinics are very well supplied and will be able to offer you a wide range of treatments, including the chance for a vein doctor to do the work in their office. It is very rare that you will have to spend any time overnight in hospital and in many cases will be able to carry on as normal – within reason. It will be best not to do anything too strenuous in order to give the veins time to heal, but any time required away from work will be kept to a minimum. The only time you could need to stay away from work is if you stand or walk for long periods of the day, and the NYC vein doctor dealing with your case should advise if you need to do this.

It is possible to have procedures that are carried out with minimum invasion, and due to the anesthetic applied, minimum pain. Usually you will be treated as an out-patient with the only real exception being cases that do require surgery and your vein doctor will have discussed this possibility with you long before the treatment starts.

Treatment options for Varicose Veins with Your Vein Doctor

  • Sclerotherapy- Here there will be a salt solution injected into the leg by the vein doctor. This is known as a sclerosant and it will be put into the vein. It will cause the vein to close up totally and once this happens, the blood will not be able to get back in. It will find another vein and work its way back to the heart that way.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation – RFA- Although heat is involved in this procedure, there is no risk that it will be too hot or that you will be burned. An appliance used by the NYC vein doctor will put the heat into the vein and it will begin to close. Once it is sealed together, the same principle will apply to sclerotherapy; the blood will find another way to carry on its journey.
  • EVLA – Endovenous Laser Ablation- Here it is a laser that is used to damage the vein and ensure that it does not accept blood anymore. Once the vein is sealed it will only be a matter of time before it has disappeared. It is possible that there will have to be more than one visit to the NYC vein doctor before the veins have completely gone.
  • Venaseal- Another name for this is vein glue and it does what it says – glues the vein together to prevent it from allowing blood in.

Before you start seeking help from a vein doctor, there are home treatments that you can try. They will not cure the varicose veins but will be able to alleviate some of the pain that is felt. They will at least stop the pain for long enough for you to see a NYC vein doctor and decide what treatment you are going to use to get rid of them once and for all. These are:

  • Compression Stockings- This is the first thing to try as there will be an immediate effect felt. There are different types of stockings and some of them can be purchased over the counter. If you need stronger ones it is likely that you will have to get a prescription from the vein doctor as they will determine the level of support that is needed. They will have to be worn each day and they squeeze the legs so that the veins are able to push the blood through and back to the heart. This way it will not fall back and end up at your feet.
  • Movement- This can be either exercise or just increasing the amount of movement you take in a day. An ideal way to aid recovery is simply to walk. When the legs move in the way they do, the blood will circulate better and the same applies to exercise. It will be best to take advice from the NYC vein doctor as to what exercises to carry out as they should be able to arrange a program for you. As with all exercise, if you feel that the legs are hurting more then you should stop. This applies even if the program is the one your doctor suggested.
  • Lifestyle- This is going to relate to your diet a great deal. Even if you are only a little overweight, it could be part of the problem. The less you weigh, the less pressure will be placed on the legs. If you do end up on a diet, ensure that you are sensible and take any vitamins and supplements you might need – especially if they are being suggested by your NYC vein doctor. The best thing to do is to use less salt as this is going to stop water prevention and therefore swelling to the legs. The clothes that you wear are going to be important and you should ensure that they are not too tight. The main areas to keep free are the groin and waist. It will also be beneficial to wear low heeled shoes as again there will be less pressure applied to the veins allowing them to send blood back to the heart.
  • Elevation- If you get the chance then sit with your legs raised as often as you can. It will help to move the blood around and will be ideal if you can do it at least once a day. If you can do it every few hours, it will be the best. As previously mentioned, not sitting or standing from long periods will also improve the circulation.

The Right Vein Doctor

Choosing the right doctor is going to be important and it is good to know that there are a lot of very capable NYC vein doctors out there. Some have played a major role both in providing solutions to the problems of varicose veins and finding ways to ensure that there is pain relief or pain management available. Two such doctors are Dr Namrata Khimani and Doctor Michael Nguyen. If you are looking for a vein doctor   then they will be the ideal people to seek out.

Dr. Namrata Khimani was educated at Harvard and afterwards went on to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. There she was chosen as Chief Resident. Having decided that venous issues and pain management was the area that she wanted to follow, she returned to Harvard. It was important to her that patients could be treated without there having to be a lot of invasion of the leg. Flouroscopic technology is one of her preferred methods, therefore, and it has been proved to be a lot better than previous invasive procedures. There are a number of Harvard textbooks that contain articles that have been written by Dr. Khimani.

Another vein doctor who is attributed with research into pain management is Dr. Michael Nguyen. He is also involved in finding new and improved ways to deal with varicose veins. He was also educated at Harvard and while he was there was chosen to be the Teacher of the Year and then Mentor of the Year. There have been interviews with the doctor and he has appeared on television discussing varicose veins and the treatments available. Dr. Nguyen is at present working in the Vein Institute and Pain Centre of America.

With the right NYC vein doctor there is no need to worry about any treatment that you may face. Modern technology is always advancing and a vein doctor will always be looking ahead and trying to find even more solutions. Before you know, your legs will look as good as they did before the varicose veins started to appear.

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