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Veins return blood to the heart and perform optimally when they are healthy. They have two one-way flaps (valves) within them that close to prevent deoxygenated blood from flowing backward and pooling in legs. Unfortunately, valves can become injured or damaged to a point of not closing fully anymore. In such a situation, some of the blood will leak and gather in veins. The affected veins will then be full of blood and begin to swell. As they swell and twist, these veins will become more detectable and quite embarrassing. Once people realize they have larger veins, they begin to look into varicose veins treatment cost online. Varicose veins can sometimes be small and less detectable.

These are called spider veins or thread veins. They appear like the tiny blood capillaries with a blue, red or purple color. Spider veins also form in clusters and mostly take the shape of a spider web or tree twig. While they can grow on the face, thread veins tend to affect thighs, ankles and feet. Also called telangiectasias, spider veins should be treated if the victims feels pain or insecure. The worst types are varicose veins that are bigger than four millimeters in diameter. These are usually swollen and easily felt by touching (palpable). They are also long and twisted veins that are generally compared to a rope. A natural cure for varicose veins is available, thanks to the advancing technology. Now you can get rid of small and/or large varicosities (varicose veins or varices) without the risk of serious complications.

What to see to know you have varicosities

Having large and swollen veins is a good sign of varicose veins. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that your veins will swell and become visible on the skin surface. Sometimes they remain hidden while causing other symptoms that should prompt you to search for the current varicose veins treatment cost. These include: pain, night leg cramps, swollen ankles, fatigue, itching, and heaviness in legs. Varicose veins tend to cause an annoying dull ache and a pressure sensation in some people. If left untreated, severe symptoms can develop and treatment can be difficult. Such symptoms include bleeding, skin ulcers, thrombophlebitis, Lipodermatosclerosis stasis eczema and edema.

Importance of seeking treatment early

Early natural cure for varicose veins should be sought even if your varices are not causing pain. One of the best early treatments is sclerotherapy and it entails injections with a chemical substance that is able to collapse and seal varicose veins.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

This is a question that most people ask and the answer can depend on a number of factors. If you hate the doctor’s needle, no amount of reassurance could convince you that sclerotherapy is painless. Additionally, if you go to any doctor without investigating them first, your sclerotherapy procedure may fail and produce some terrible complications. Apart from the tiny needles pricking your skin, the procedure is bearable and effective. All the same, sclerotherapy is not the only natural cure for varicose veins you have. There are more options we will discuss later on.

How doctors diagnose varicosities

During your first appointment, it is wise to ask about the overall varicose veins treatment cost. That is, the cost of consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups. Generally, diagnosis of varices begins with a typical physical examination. Apart from observing and touching your varicose veins, your vein doctor will ask about your medical history. They might want to know if your mother, father or someone else in your family suffers from varicose veins. Moreover, your vein specialist will ask about the period of time you have had varices and the type of symptoms you have been enduring.

Further, your doctor will ask you whether some of your varicose veins have recently increased in size. One thing that any medical practitioner should pay attention to is the victim’s weight. An obese person is likely to suffer terribly from vein problems because their excess weight puts pressure on the veins. If there are bleeding veins or signs of venous ulcers forming, your vascular specialist will design a suitable natural cure for varicose veins the soonest possible. He or she will ask you to stand up for five to ten minutes as the strain is enough to dilate your veins so they can be easily detectable. Then, they will assess the degree to which your veins have succumbed to pressure from the pooling blood.

The duplex ultrasound test will be included in your varicose veins treatment cost. It offers an effective means of checking your venous system and marking out damaged veins that require quick medical intervention. The Doppler ultrasound test can give the doctor additional results, including how exactly the blood is flowing through the valves in your perforating veins and deep veins. After gathering adequate results, your vein specialist will decide whether the best natural cure for varicose veins will be successful on its own or you will need surgery.

What natural cure for varicose veins exists?

Natural cures are considered before invasive vein treatments as they have almost no side effects. First of all, your doctor will consider the size and location of your varicose veins and the symptoms they are causing. If your venous reflux disease has advanced to the late stage, there might be significant skin changes: discoloration, roughness and flakiness, thinning and tightening skin, and/or open wounds. If you have skin changes, you might not benefit from just the natural cure for varicose veins. The vein doctor will have to consider other medical interventions that could quickly heal your skin. Meanwhile, the nature cure for varicose veins is more affordable and will not inflate your overall varicose veins treatment cost. These cures include the following:

  • Elevating your legs -People with varicose veins tend to have swollen ankles and/or legs after work. Those who spend their entire day standing or sitting down hardly ever escape this symptom. To reduce your swelling, always lie down and lift your legs above the level of your heart. Alternatively, sit down and elevate your feet above your heart level. Doing this will reduce the heaviness sensation and swelling.
  • Wear compression stockings or bandages -These are items you can buy from a local pharmaceutical store or have them prescribed by a doctor. As you will need to buy them, account for them in your total varicose veins treatment cost. These stockings have different sizes and compression strengths, so your doctor should prescribe the best ones for your case. Sometimes wrapping your legs in bandages can be helpful as this is a simple way to boost your blood circulation.
  • Take frequent breaks at work –Maintaining a single posture for too long when working can actually worsen your varicose veins. So it helps to get up from your sit and move about your work station every thirty minutes. Likewise, those who work while standing up, including nurses, should try to change their posture to reduce the strain on the leg veins.
  • Exercise to lose weight – Obese people often have it worse when it comes to varicosities. Their excess weight constantly puts their leg veins and joints under pressure and before they know it, they are living in so much pain. It is imperative to take a walk daily to improve your blood circulation and cut some weight. If you can afford to pay a gym fee, do it so as to get access to special exercises that can help you drop weight. Needless to say, you can lose weight faster if you change your diet for the better. Instead of eating refined foods like baked goodies, sugary drinks and fried chips, cook wholesome meals with adequate fiber and essential nutrients.
  • Sclerotherapy – As aforesaid, sclerotherapy is the least invasive natural cure for varicose veins. The only thing your doctor will do is to identify the problematic veins via ultrasound and then inject it with a liquid or foam substance. Once the substance is deposited in the vein, it will make the blood clot and the vein will die and disappear. Are you asking this: Is sclerotherapy painful? If so, we want you to know that it is tolerable even without being numbed with a local anesthetic drug. However, it can have complications, although these are rare. It tends to be more natural than endovenous ablation and surgical treatments for varices. Besides, sclerotherapy will bring down your full varicose veins treatment cost.

More treatments for varicosities

  • Endovenous Laser ablation therapy – EVLT or EVLA is a new technology that vein treatment clinics are using to close damaged veins. It entails a device that releases strong beams of light that are delivered onto the ailing vein. This light heats the vein until it closes off and disappears on its own later on. Laser ablation does not require small skin cuts to be made and is considered minimally invasive. This works for spider veins and medium-sized varicose veins. varicose veins treatment cost associated with laser ablation is rather fair and manageable.
  • Endovenous radiofrequency ablation –This is a catheter-guided procedure that uses radio waves energy to destroy an enlarged varicose vein. Once the tip of the catheter gets heated, the catheter is pulled out of the vein. As it comes out it destroys the entire vein. RFA is likely to slightly increase the varicose veins treatment cost you are likely to incur. All the same, it is over 95 percent effective and you can resume your daily activities almost immediately. It is a minimally invasive procedure that requires small incisions to be made at the beginning of the procedure. It works best when treating big varicose veins. While it is not a real natural cure for varicose veins, RFA is preferred to vein stripping surgery.
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy –This is a surgical procedure through which smaller varices are removed via a sequence of tiny skin perforations. The doctor will numb the parts of your leg he or she is going to prick. While this is an outpatient procedure that does not cause pain, it does cause a small degree of scarring. If you are counting your full varicose veins treatment cost and are considering ambulatory phlebectomy, ask your NYC vein doctor about its average price.
  • High ligation and vein stripping –This is a surgical procedure that has been around for several years. So far most advanced doctors, including Namrata Khimani, consider ligation and stripping surgery outdated. It is considered only when doctors don’t have any other way of treating a severely damaged leg vein. It entails first tying off the problematic vein and then removing it via tiny skin incisions. As the deep vein circulatory system tackles the largest volumes of blood, stripping of a few superficial veins will hardly affect its function.
  • Endoscopic vein surgery –This is one of the most advanced treatments for varicosities and it is likely to raise your varicose veins treatment cost. It is picked when one has leg ulcers that aren’t responding to antibiotics and other treatment techniques. In this case, a vein surgeon inserts a narrow video camera in the leg to see the varicose veins that have to be removed. Through tiny incisions, he or she removes these varices. While endoscopic vein surgery may sound complicated or serious, it is an outpatient procedure. As with ligation and vein stripping surgery, the recovery period will be longer than what is expected from a natural cure for varicose veins.

Note that pregnancy brings about large varicose veins and spider veins and these tend to disappear after a baby is delivered. It might take you three to twelve months to be completely varicose veins free. As there are thousands of people who consider seeking help and meeting their varicose veins treatment cost no matter how hefty, you shouldn’t ignore yours. If you neglect your abnormal leg veins now you will be sorry in the near future when terrible complications will develop.

Note that larger veins (15mm in diameter) have been treated via a newer and more natural cure for varicose veins called foam sclerotherapy. So there is a perfect solution for your vein disease if only you are willing to seek it. Even if your veins are bleeding and your skin looks different, the best varicose vein doctor will pick a suitable cure for you. Let go of laxity, therefore, and seek medical help the soonest possible.

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