The leg cramps you experience at night are sometimes nothing to worry about. If you have them for a long time or they seem to be getting worse, it may be worth your while looking for treatment for leg cramps. The pain starts when one of the muscles in your leg begins to feel tight and then the pain starts. Although the cramps mainly occur in the calf muscle, sometimes the thighs and feet will not be immune. Luckily, cramps in thighs and feet are less frequent. There is the risk that once the cramp has gone there will still be pain.

This is perfectly normal, although the pain should not last for too long. If there are spider veins(thread veins) present, you will need to know how to get rid of spider veins. Again, it is the case that if the pain lasts for a long time or is hard to bear, then you could require treatments for leg cramps. Most of the time the cramp will come in the night and is that awful feeling that wake you up and leads to you having to gently put your weight on the problematic leg.

Leg Cramp Causes

There are times when there is no real reason why the leg cramp started. When this happens, it is referred to as idiopathic leg cramps. Sometimes it will be because you suffer from secondary leg cramps. There are a number of causes of secondary leg cramps including:

  • Exercise –Even top sports people can fall foul of this.
  • Pregnancy –You will have to live with cramps as well as finding out how to get rid of spider veins, as they also seem present at this time.
  • Medication –Statins in particular can cause cramps and as they deal with cholesterol and keeping it down, they need to be taken and the cramps endured.
  • Liver disorder

When the cramp occurs, it is due to the muscle suddenly shortening – this is known as a contraction. The medical term is a spasm, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent the muscle reacting this way when a cramp starts. Most of the time there will only be a few seconds of pain and discomfort, but there are times when it can last for around 10 minutes. It is best to just try and rest and keep the leg as still as possible. It normally stops as soon as it starts, and you will have control over the leg and muscle again.

Causes of Leg Cramps and Dealing with Spider Veins Pregnancy

There are a lot of causes and many will not need a lot of input or advice from the doctor, but as with many things, it is best to check if you have any concerns. Treatments for leg cramps will not often require a trip to the hospital, but it will be best if you can find out what causes them and what you can do to either prevent them or at least deal with them when they occur. As afore-mentioned, some spasms are idiopathic while with others there will be the need to seek treatment for leg cramps. The same applies to when you have spider veins in the legs, unless they are a spider veins pregnancy related problem.

Idiopathic leg cramps

There are a number of theories when it comes to idiopathic leg cramps and they include the nerves acting in an unusual way, and this is transferred to the muscles and then a cramp occurs. Exercises will be the cause when there is a lot of pressure put on the leg. Any extra strain put on the leg will impact on the leg muscle and when this happens the cramp will set in. Often soccer players are seen needing help from a colleague before they can carry on playing the game.

The blood also plays a role in the way that the muscles work and this is where there can be a link to spider veins. When veins become damaged, they begin to swell and are not as efficient when it comes to getting blood around the body. Thread veins occur and while these are not always as bad as full blown varicose veins, you will want to know how to get rid of spider veins.

There is also a natural way that cramps can occur. As we get older, the tendons become shorter regardless of what we do. It is for this reason that many people who suffer from cramps the most are elderly. Knowing how to get rid of spider veins may improve the look of the leg but it is not going to do anything for the muscles; so, you could still need to look at treatments for leg cramps.

Conditions leading to secondary leg cramps

The reasons here will not always need treatment, although it is clear that some will. The conditions include:

  • The additional weight of pregnancy -The muscles have more weight inflicted on them and as a result cramp more often. The additional weight can also mean that you will be looking to know how to get rid of spider veins.
  • Sports -While some sports people suffer cramps during their event, it is also likely that others will get them once they have finished and the muscles are now resting.
  • Diseases –A disease such as the motor neurone disease will lead to the nerves not controlling all the muscles and the leg muscles will end up cramping.
  • Liver disease -Toxins that the liver is no longer dealing with can end up in the blood. When this happens, the muscles can spasm.
  • Bacteria-Tetanus in particular will lead to the calf muscles going into spasm.
  • When this is in the body in too high an amount, there can be leg spasms and you will want to seek medical treatment for leg cramps.
  • Dehydration – If you are susceptible to medical issues when you do not drink enough, it is likely that muscle cramps and spasms will be one of the main effects. The salt levels drop, and the muscles cannot function properly at this low level.
  • Medication –There are times when the treatment provided to make you better will cause issues and mean you also need treatments for leg cramps. Diuretics leave the body short of water and affect salt levels, statins, Raloxifene – again this will be taken by older women to help combat osteoporosis and it will replace one bad symptom of aging with another.

It is best to get in touch with the doctor if you feel you are being adversely affected by the medication and they may be able to look for treatments for leg cramps that you can follow without affecting the medication you are already taking. Don’t just stop using what has been prescribed, although the doctor should look at altering the dosage and consider changing to another product.

How to get rid of spider veins

Not everyone will be concerned about getting rid of thread veins as they are seen as part of getting old and will not often be a major problem. They can look unsightly, but not everyone will be so concerned that they want to go through treatment, which could include incisions being made into the legs. If the veins are taken out there should not be a problem in that area again, but others could become affected further around the legs. If they get worse and become full blown varicose veins, it could be another story as they are a lot worse than spider veins.

Seeking treatments for leg cramps

You can expect that the doctor is going to ask a lot of questions regarding your overall health and will focus on your muscle cramps. You could also ask them how to get rid of spider veins as well, as you may as well try to deal with both issues regardless of how little problems the veins are causing.

An examination will take place and legs and feet will be examined. You should also take note of other symptoms that could be connected as you will be asked if there is any swelling or if the legs go numb. The swelling may lead to them telling you how to get rid of spider veins, as it could be the additional blood in that location that is causing the issue.

They may not be able to make a complete diagnosis from this examination and if this is the case, you could be sent for blood tests and asked to provide a urine sample so that other conditions can be ruled out or treated.

Treatment for spider veins

One of the first things to be tried will be support stockings and to make sure that you get the right type, you should speak to the doctor. You will also be expected to change your lifestyle – losing weight will be a big issue. Movement if you are normally sedentary is advised as is sitting down, if you tend to spend a long time on your feet. As an extreme, there may be surgery where the entire vein is taken out, but there are other treatments to try first. Once dealt with there could also be advice on treatments for leg cramps.

  • Sclerotherapy – A salt solution will be put directly into the vein causing it to disintegrate and absorb back into the body.
  • Endovenous laser treatment – A small incision is made in the leg and a laser will be put into the vein. Pulses of light will damage the vein and prevent it from accepting more blood.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – Similar to previous methods, pulses of radio waves energy will make the vein close up.

Knowing how to get rid of spider veins can also help with leg cramps. When you have spider veins you will be advised to keep active and not sit around for too long and many times; exercise will reduce the times you suffer cramps. Stretching the calf muscle will give relief, but you must make sure you do not do it too often. There are times when medication will be needed, but it will not always be offered until it can be proven that other things will not work. When pregnancy is the result and knowing how to get rid of spider veins and exercising to stop cramp has not worked, you will hopefully find that things go back to normal after the baby is born. If you have liver disease, muscle relaxants could well be required.


It is easy to look at things such as how to get rid of spider veins and seek treatments for leg cramps, but it would be better if you could prevent them happening altogether. Exercise is known to help cure them, but the same sort of stretching exercises could be one of the more effective treatments for leg cramps. It does not have to be a full gym session; just some gentle calf stretches to keep the muscles in good condition. As a leg spasm happens a lot at night, it will help to know what you can do once you go to bed.

When lying down, try to be on your back and place the feet so that your toes are pointing upwards. If you need something such as a pillow to keep them there, this will be fine. Anything that can stop you having a disturbed night’s sleep and the inconvenience of a cramp should be tried. It is not always possible to sleep on your back, so there is also advice for if you sleep on your front. Place the pillow so that you can be far enough down the bed to have your feet hanging over. Your feet will be relaxed and there will not be the risk of the calf muscles not being relaxed and going into a spasm.

In the same way that you should not wear tight clothes to make sure you do not need to know how to get rid of spider veins as they will not occur, you should not have the blankets tightly across the bed to prevent needing treatments for leg cramps.  Whatever is decided to help you with the pain and inconvenience should be monitored. You should not end up on medication long term, and if the initial treatment suggested does not appear to be working, then go back to the health care provider and let them know.

There will be something that can help you and you should not spend longer than you have to trying to find relief. Don’t be afraid to try what is suggested as there is no need to go straight to medication or surgery when there could be a home solution that will work just as well. Find out how to get rid of spider veins when you are getting advice about cramp.

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