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The Best Vein Doctor And Vein Treatment Center Are All You Need To Cure Your Varicose and Spider Veins

There are men and women who live with a serious vein disease without their knowledge. Some of them have not had an appointment with their vein doctor because they don’t have any symptoms. Others have symptoms but have decided to endure them. What people may not realize is that the disease that attacks leg veins is progressive and can get so severe in future. It can cause painful ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, blood clots and more. These would be harder to treat than the first varicose veins and spider veins you noted. 

An untreated vein disease can also cause edema of the lower leg, hyperpigmentation and lipodermatosclerosis(loss of subcutaneous tissues under your skin). These are difficult conditions to live with, and can alter the appearance of your legs completely. They can interfere with your ability to work and take care of yourself. To avoid all this, just locate a suitable vein treatment center online and book your first appointment with a great vein doctor.

Abnormal leg veins – What are they?

These are veins that have succumbed to a vein disease called venous insufficiency (venous reflux disease). So they look abnormally large, misshapen and unattractive. The first types of abnormal leg veins are called spider veins, thread veins or sunburst veins and are widely treated by the best vein doctor. These are usually small, just like your blood capillaries, and can have a blue, purple or red color. They tend to hurt when they are starting to form and can go away without ever being treated. 

Thread veins that form in legs mostly affect thighs, but they can appear on any body part that is exposed to the sun. That’s why some people have spider veins under their facial skin. If you have noticed colorful veins with a spider web or a tree branch pattern, you have sunburst veins. Since spider veins look like reticular veins, go to a spider vein center near you to receive a proper diagnosis. 

The other type of abnormal veins people develop in legs is varicose veins (varices or varicosities). Unlike spider veins, these are usually large and twisted veins. Everybody can see them, especially, if they have formed in your lower leg. Varicosities may not hurt at all after forming, explaining why some people continue with life even after noticing them. And those who remove painless varices do so for cosmetic reasons. What they fail to know is that varices are triggered by venous insufficiency disease which keeps on growing silently. Varicose veins are best treated at a specialist’s vein treatment centre near you. That’s where you can find well-educated and well-versed vascular specialists who can diagnose and cure your vein problem. 

Benefits of visiting a spider vein centre 

We would recommend seeing a vein doctor as soon as you notice these large superficial veins and the tiny spider veins. While wearing compression stockings can help you for now, they cannot cure the underlying cause of varices and thread veins. They are best worn after receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. When symptoms are there, it’s the right time to visit the most appropriate vein treatment centre in your area. One advantage to this is that you will arrest a situation that could worsen later the earliest time possible. 

 And by doing so, you could prevent terrible skin wounds, hemorrhage, change of skin color and texture, edema and pain from happening in future. As well, you will be able to boost your level of confidence by having your problematic veins removed or closed off.  The indirect advantage is that when you prevent a severe problem now, you will hopefully never take a sick leave or risk losing your job or wages in future. 

Not just any doctor can treat you

Venous insufficiency is not a condition that can be cured by any doctor or clinic. You must strive to locate a suitable vein doctor and vein treatment centre. An appropriate doctor is someone who has a proper education background and an adequate level of experience. A vein doctor or a vascular specialist is the professional you should search for. So, we advise you to gather a number of vascular doctors and assess each one of them prior to picking the right one for you. But, if you want to avoid all the hard work, we can recommend a vein doctor who is recognized by several Americans. This is none other than Dr. Michael Nguyen M.D. He is a vascular specialist who is a former alumnus of Harvard Medical School. A specialist physician who boasts residency and fellowship training, Dr. Nguyen has also written recognized publications and has been featured on TV. He works for a vein treatment centre that is extremely recognized, as well as happens to be a doctor who seats in medical panels that are related to his career. 

A doubled certified vein doctor, Dr. Nguyen knows how to perform every accepted varicose veins treatment procedure. As a venous disease does not disappear without treatment, ensure that you get in touch with Dr. Michael Nguyen, M.D today. Do not be a victim of procrastination as it can lead to further deterioration of your leg vein health. Instead, be like the people who have been previously treated by this popular vein doctor. They didn’t waste time when they noted abnormal veins in their legs and today they have no pain at all. Just like them, take a good action now to avoid future regrets. A great spider vein center can stop the following: 

  • Feet swelling or edema
  • Throbbing  and pain
  • Eliminate itching and cramping
  • Treat your skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis, if you have developed them
  • Cure venous ulcers, if they have started. These are hard to heal and without excellent medical support they can enlarge and spread.
  • Eliminate your pain and humiliation.

As long as the selected vein treatment centre boasts the right tools and doctors, you can be sure of curing your venous insufficiency disease before it worsens. 

Leg veins and edema

One of the chief reasons why people have leg swelling or edema is prolonged sitting or standing.  When you start suffering from edema, chances are that sooner or later you will have varicose veins. Having these veins raises pressure on the vein walls, which causes them to dilate and stretch. Due to increased pressure, fluid is pushed out into the neighboring tissue and skin, hence swelling. If veins continue to leak because of faulty valves not closing completely, edema will worsen and other complications will occur.  

One of these includes venous eczema or hemosiderin staining, which is all about alteration of skin color. As well as change in skin color, you can start noticing texture changes as well as lipodermatosclerosis. Weeping sores also called venous ulcers could develop too, and at this point you will be in extreme pain. As a result, we recommend seeing your vein doctor without delay. 

Leg veins and throbbing, cramping and burning pain

If your venous reflux disease has advanced too much, you will feel throbbing, cramping and burning sensations in your legs. These are likely to appear when your legs are too tired because you have been sitting or standing for several hours.  A good vein treatment center physician will ask you to try and elevate your legs when you are extremely tired. Additionally, they will tell you to wear compression stockings as they allow proper circulation of blood. Above all, you will be advised to treat the condition behind your throbbing, cramping and burning feeling. 

During the diagnosis, your vein doctor might discover that you have deep vein thrombosis or DVT. This refers to a blood clot that occurs in your deep vein.  Did you know that up to three hundred thousand people are affected by DVT every year without suspecting it? The problem begins when the clots loosen and travel towards the lungs where they could trigger a deadly condition—pulmonary embolism. It’s important to call your vein treatment centre once you start having throbbing sensations in your legs. A vascular doctor can provide advanced vein treatments, including ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, endovenous laser Ablation therapy, medical grade compression stockings and much more. 

Leg veins and cramping

Have you ever had a muscle cramp in your leg? It causes terrible pain for a few minutes. Vascular doctors warn that you can have a venous reflux disease without visible spider veins or varicose veins. It might pose a symptom like leg cramps and edema, which most people wouldn’t haste to seek treatment for. Thus, don’t ignore frequent leg cramping, if it’s accompanied by edema, heaviness in legs, fatigue and pain. Go to a spider vein center and tell your doctor about your symptoms. After diagnosis, you will be offered just the right treatment. 

Leg veins and itching that won’t go away

If you keep scratching your legs, chances are high that you have a venous disease without your knowledge. As aforementioned, this disease may not cause visible varicose veins or spider veins and in such a case, one would not be quick to note that they are sick. As the disease is progressive, there will come a time when it will reach its advanced stage. And as it grows, the disease will cause fluids to leak out of your veins to the skin surface. This fluid will then irritate your skin to a point where it will become irritated, dehydrated, scaly, and rough. 

Leg itching that doesn’t go away even when you apply topical creams or lotions should be checked by a vein doctor. There is a suitable treatment option that can help you get rid of this itch.  For instance, your vein treatment center might decide to use minimally invasive techniques such as endovenous laser ablation or radiofrequency Ablation to end your itch. Either of the two involves burning the vein with energy and sealing it off so it can stop functioning. Blood will no longer pass thorough the closed and damaged vein; instead, it will reroute to a healthier vein.  

Leg veins and venous ulceration

These are sores or wounds that develop on the skin of someone who has a venous reflux disease. They are extremely painful and difficult to treat at home. Venous ulceration occurs when this vein disease has advanced without being stopped. Unless you go to a reputable vein treatment center as soon as you notice the first wound, there will be more and your situation will be chronic.  Ulcers don’t go away quickly. So, get in touch with a reliable vein doctor now and have them treated. 

Notice also that the skin covering the veins gets thinner as the disease progresses. That means that even a small injury could trigger blood loss. As you want to avoid hemorrhage and superficial thrombophlebitis, go to a vein treatment centre that can treat your leg veins via the current techniques. 

What are your treatment options?

Currently, any vein treatment centre will prefer to treat its patients via minimally invasive techniques. These ones include endovenous laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy. There will be anesthesia to remove any amount of discomfort you would feel during endovenous treatments (endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation), of course, and extreme care when disabling the problematic veins. So, there will be no pain except the little amount you would feel when getting a shot. On the other hand, you had better be sure that you can endure a number of injections prior to picking sclerotherapy. 

There can be up to three different sessions, if you have an extensive area of your leg that is affected by varicose veins or spider veins. Sclerotherapy is all about injecting your leg veins with a sclerosing agent that damages them from within. If you have larger varicose veins that cannot be removed via sclerotherapy, the vein doctor might combine it with an endovenous treatment. Alternatively, they may perform a vein stripping surgery that completely removes the sick vein. This is the last resort though, and the least recommend way to cure varicose veins. 

Last word

If you work while standing or sitting for long hours, do two things. First, have your favorite vein treatment centre doctor prescribe the right medical-grade compression stockings and start to wear them. Next, raise your feet above the level of your heart when you come home from work to reduce the swelling around your ankles. If you are obese, make sure you exercise every day and adjust your diet to reduce your weight. Finally, always do what your doctor asks without failure. 

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