Once you are aware that you have problems with your veins, you need to make an appointment with a vascular doctor in NYC as soon as possible. A doctor in this field will be able to workout what is causing your varicose veins and what needs to be done to cure them. As there is the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, it is important to have the veins dealt with quickly. A vascular doctor will deal with all issues that arise from your veins. A specialist will be more highly trained than the rest and will be the person to see if there are ongoing problems. This does not mean that the best vein doctor in NYC is not going to be good enough, but when you need varicose vein treatment NYC, look for a specialist. Training for all levels will be intense, but to be a specialist you need to go further in your studies. To get that title it means that there is nothing that will be beyond them when it comes to dealing with vascular problems.

Vascular Treatment

Varicose veins will lead to the need for you seeing a vascular doctor in NYC and these can be caused for many reasons. Usually it will be:

  • Weight -Anyone who is heavy will be more at risk. The weight will put extra pressure on the veins and cause them to become damaged, meaning that you will require varicose vein treatment NYC.
  • Pregnancy –This is connected to the weight issue and while the first and second pregnancies may not be too bad, by the time the third one comes around you will have developed problem veins.
  • Work –If you have a job where you are standing or sitting for long periods of time, you will be more at risk. If you have the chance to get up and walk around for a while, then do so; and if you walk a lot, then try to get a break and sit down as often as you can. A vascular doctor in NYC will advise you about this in full.
  • Gender –Unfortunately women are more likely to suffer and there is no real explanation for this.
  • Age –Some younger people have varices and spider veins, but it is normally older people who see them developing so easily.
  • Family history –If you have a history of this in your family, then you will be at risk of needing varicose vein treatment NYC.

It will be easy to tell if you have varicose veins as there will be the appearance of red and twisted looking veins trying to make their way out of the skin. Often there is no pain; so, it is important that you look for the signs and do not ignore any. They will appear to be a lot darker than veins normally are, have a blue or purple tint and lead to you needing varicose vein treatment NYC. They will also be a lot bigger than normal and that is because there is so much additional blood that has collected there. When there is pain, it manifests itself as:

  • Heavy legs that tend to ache a lot of the time.
  • Burning muscles, cramps and swelling that tends to be below the knee and down to the feet and ankles.
  • Increased pain after longer periods of being on your feet.
  • Itchiness that tends to be near to the problematic vein.
  • Blood that pools near to the feet.
  • Blood that comes from the vein.
  • A change in color of the skin. It will go from its normal pink tint to a red and sore-looking color.
  • At times the change of color indicates that there could be a venous ulcer forming, especially if it is close to the site of the vein.
  • If the veins harden, it can be more serious than normal varicose veins and you need to speak to a vascular doctor in NYC.

At times you will have smaller veins that seem to be a little different to normal veins and these will be spider veins. They tend not to be the same color as a varicose vein, but will be blue or red. They also tend to be closer to the surface of the skin as varicose veins and often are not as problematic as fully blown varicose veins, but still mean that you are going to have to seek out varicose vein treatment NYC. Like the bigger veins, spider veins tend to be found in the legs, but are also known to appear on the face. The reason they have their name is because when they form they appear to resemble a spiders’ web.

Varicose Vein Treatment NYC

The initial treatment could be something as simple as wearing compression stockings that have been provided by your doctor. This is not going to cure abnormal leg veins but will make it easier to live with them and also prevent too much blood collecting in a particular vein. You can also help by sitting with your feet up. When the legs are elevated, the blood will not find it as easy to fall backwards. This will not act as a cure but can stop the spread being as quick, which will please your vascular doctor in NYC.


While the reasons why varicose veins occur have been covered, the process has not. The blood is carried around the body by arteries that take it away from the heart and veins that return it back up. When it comes to the legs, the blood has to be pumped upwards and this is carried out through valves located in the veins. They open to let the blood in and it then pushes up to the next section. When valves are damaged, they do not close properly and the blood is not secure. It falls back down and this is what causes the blood to pool at the feet and veins to swell when they end up with too much blood in them. When you have varicose vein treatment NYC, you will find that you are back on your feet sooner than you would have expected.

Complications of Varicose Veins

There are not many complications with varicose veins, but that does not mean that you should ignore any that you notice. Instead, you should consult a vascular doctor in NYC as soon as you can. As well as the pain they can cause, there is:

  • Ulcers -The ankles will be the first and most frequent place they form. As there is so much fluid building up, the tissues will be affected as the blood is going to cause a build-up of pressure that the body cannot cope with. The discoloration is usually the first sign that you are getting a venous leg ulcer. If you have not been to the doctor by now, you must go before the issue gets much worse.
  • Bleeding –This will tend to be the veins that are closes to the surface of the skin. Even if it is only a little bit of blood, you must have it dealt with as if it happens once, there is nothing to say that it will not happen again and you will be so pleased that you had varicose vein treatment NYC.

Preventing varicose veins

Despite the fact that there are a lot of reasons why the veins occur, it is also possible to find ways to limit the overall risk. Muscle tone and circulation are big reasons why there are problems and they can stop them being as bad, and also prevent additional ones from appearing. To give yourself the best chance of being varicose vein free, you can go for varicose vein treatment NYC, and there are some help-yourself-remedies to try first:

  • Take some exercise to keep the blood circulating and preventing it backing up in certain veins.
  • Weight – Keep it low.
  • Diet –A high fiber diet without a lot of salt is going to be the advice given by your doctor.
  • Clothes –Keep them loose as anything that is too tight will lead to problems with circulation. High heels should be avoided as much as possible as well.
  • Legs –Keep your legs elevated when seated and use a pillow to keep them up when you are in bed.
  • Movement –Try to sit for a while then stand for a while and then back to sitting for a while. Regular movement will keep the blood flowing.

Meeting your vascular doctor in NYC

When you know the vascular doctor in NYC is a specialist, you can rest assured that they are going to know exactly what they have to do to keep you healthy and your legs as free as possible from varicose veins and spider veins. There is a range of varicose vein treatment NYC that the selected medical expert could carry out and they will include:

  • Home remedies – this will include compression stockings and extra mobility.
  • Sclerotherapy
  • VNUS Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Vein stripping

When undergoing one of these procedures you will be well advised to seek out a vascular doctor in NYC who is a vascular specialist. Other doctors can carry them out, but they will not have the same expertise and experience that you need.

VNUS radiofrequency ablation

For this treatment there is no need to go to hospital as the doctor can carry it out in their office. There is little invasion and the legs will soon look much better. A catheter is placed into the leg and along to the damaged vein. Radiofrequency is sent to the vein and it causes it to collapse in on itself. Once this happens, it is not possible for the vein to accept blood anymore and the blood will find its own way back to the heart via other veins. After this varicose vein treatment NYC has been carried out, you will soon feel as good as new.

Often this procedure is only going to take 15 minutes and you will be able to go home right afterwards. You can carry on with normal life the same day, but make sure you don’t over-do it. Before this is carried out, you will usually be expected to wear compression stockings for around 3 months to make sure that the veins are in the best possible condition for treatment.

Plebectomy as a varicose vein treatment NYC

Sometimes there is the need to take the vein out of the legs altogether. It is another procedure that can be carried out in the office of the vascular doctor in NYC and all that is needed is for the leg to be numbed beforehand. More than one vein can be removed during a procedure and it will be up to the doctor to determine how many they are going to take out. Again, it is likely that compression stockings will be worn for a couple of months to help prepare for the procedure and comply with the insurance companies’ requirements. The doctor you see for varicose vein treatment NYC will advise you which ones to use.


This works best on spider veins as they are smaller and easier to deal with. A needle will inject foam into the vein and it will fall in on itself. Once it has closed properly the blood will use other veins and this one will not take in blood any more.

Vein Stripping

Here there is a cut made in the leg and the vein pulled out. General anesthesia is needed, and this time there is the need for a hospital visit. It used to be a more common procedure, but a vascular doctor in NYC like Dr. Michael Nguyen will prefer to use the lesser invasive procedures now. If there is a reason why you cannot have one of the other operations, then this is fine to carry out. Before leaving, you may be asked to prove that you are fit to go home and can cope with what you need to do before your vascular doctor in NYC.

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