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Did you know that leg pain can be caused by vein problems? Yes, that’s right; veins can swell, twist, ache and itch. All along you might think that your legs are just too tired and strained. Sooner than later, however, your vein disease will trigger some obvious symptoms. For instance, it might cause your veins to bulge and enlarge—varicose veins. Additionally, you might notice some tiny vessels that appear like blood capillaries and are either blue or red. These are called spider veins or thread veins. Once you begin noticing your leg veins, the odds that you have a venous disease are so high. Hence, the best thing to do is to look for the top vein doctor San Diego to examine your legs. If they find a disease or a blood clot in your vein, they will decide how to help you.

Where does a vein disease come from?

Like most people, you might not understand why a young person like you could have a vein problem. The truth is that this condition can affect any adult person, although it is more prevalent in seniors above fifty years and women. So if you are a young woman or man, do not be surprised to see varicose veins in your legs. If these affect most people in your lineage, the odds that you will develop some and seek vein repair help are so high.

It is one of the most prevalent hereditary diseases. As for women of child bearing age, varicose veins are so common due to hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, pregnancy, birth control and menopause. As long as you have female hormones or going through one of these processes in your body, your risk of getting varicosities is higher. This does not mean that all females will develop varicose veins during their reproductive years. The odds are higher than men’s, yes, but it is not a must that every woman will have varicose veins.

The time when the risk is the highest is when you are pregnant because of the extra blood flow in your pelvic area and increased weight that exerts pressure on your legs. During pregnancy, you are in danger of getting buttocks varicose veins and vulva varicose veins. These can hurt a lot especially when you want to have a bowel movement or to sit down. Luckily, these are short-term and are triggered by the rising reproductive hormones. If they don’t disappear after child birth, make sure you seek vein repair services in your area.

After menopause, some women are put through hormone replacement therapy and it is thought to be one cause of varicosities. Birth control pills that are taken during reproductive years alter the way your hormones work naturally to prevent conception. Due to this, they can cause a side effect like varicose veins. The normal aging process can also weaken your veins to a point of affecting how the valves within them work. This can lead to varicosities and its complications.

Are you obese or overweight? This could help explain why your leg veins are swollen and painful. The extra weight you are carrying is straining your leg veins so much that they have become unable to function properly. Additionally, someone who spends most hours of their day sitting down or standing up can develop a blood circulation problem. Eventually, this problem will cause varicose veins.

Immobile people who cannot move for weeks due to sickness can have a vein problem like blood clots that are known to block proper blood circulation. If you have a history of blood clots or have weird pain and swelling in legs, get in touch with a good vein doctor San Diego.

How the vein problem starts

What we have explained above are just factors that could increase your risk of getting vein disease. Now you need to understand how this disease begins. Veins are the blood vessels that return blood to heart and lungs. Once oxygen is depleted, the blood enters your veins where it is pumped upward in the direction of your heart. Then it leaves your heart to the lungs where oxygen is refilled. When your leg veins are working properly, they will use the pumping action of your calf muscle to send blood back to the heart.

If the valves within them are damaged, they allow some of the blood to leak. Hence, some of the blood will not make it to the heart and it will instead gather in the veins around your ankles. This is when venous insufficiency or venous reflux disease begins. As more and more blood pools causing pressure to mount, the veins walls expand. This is when varicose veins begin to become noticeable on the skin surface. At this point you should seek vein repair treatments in your area.

Getting examined – Picking the right vein repair specialist

If you have noticed enlarged and swollen veins with a distorted shape, you have varicose veins. It means that you also have an underlying cause, which is most likely venous insufficiency. This cause must be investigated by the best vein doctor San Diego. So, take the time to look for a reputable and reliable doctor online. There are several doctors online who claim to provide top-notch vein repair services and it is advisable to do your own research regarding each one of them.

It is extremely important to read reviews about a vein doctor San Diego before you pick them. Make sure they are well-educated, board-certified, experienced and excellent in terms of handling patients. Their medical record should be flawless and they should work for a well-established vein clinic in San Diego.

The best suggestion we have is Dr. Carly Guthrie. This is the vein doctor name that will appear quickly once you search for the top American vein doctors on a search engine. This doctor is well-read, double board certified and is a Harvard medical school alumni. She is the co-director of the newest Vein Treatment Clinic in San Diego, CA. A doctor with several years of experience on West Coast and East Cost, Dr. Guthrie is a shining star as far as treating vein disease and cardiovascular issues.

She is a renowned interventional ultrasonographer who works closely with other top vein specialists. As a top vein doctor San Diego area, Dr. Guthrie is so well trained to offer some of the most effective, less invasive treatments for varicose veins.


As soon as you locate a great vein repair service, call to make the first appointment with your vein doctor. Ensure that you arrive on time and answer all the questions well. This will help your vein doctor San Diego give a proper diagnosis. If you already have visible varicose veins, the specialist will ask you to stand up or sit down with your legs dangling. Through observation of your veins and touching, he or she will be able to confirm that they are indeed abnormal and need to be repaired. As well as observation, the vein repair expert will carry out an ultrasound duplex test to verify their view.

If they find out that something is wrong with the structure of your veins, they will tell you. Sometimes the problem could be a blood clot that is blocking the blood flow. However, most of the times there is a problem with the valves. If your vein doctor San Diego finds out that you have a clot, they will suggest deep vein thrombosis treatment as soon as possible. If you have valve damage, they will suggest the best vein treatment technique.

How you are likely to be treated

If you are indeed having a vein disease, there is no other way but to try and overcome it through less invasive treatments. Depending on how extensive the area affected by varicose veins and/or spider veins is, and how big they appear, your vein doctor San Diego might recommend wearing compression stockings for sometime. If there is a blood clot or it is deemed that your risk of having DVT is higher, your vein repair doctor might prescribe a TED hose.

Both compression stockings and TED stockings squeeze your legs to improve blood circulation. The only difference is that TED stockings compress the whole leg while compression stockings squeeze just your lower leg. If your vein problem is serious, your vein doctor San Diego will treat you as soon as possible. The type of treatment selected will depend on how severe your case is.

If you have big varicose veins, chances are that you will be treated via radio frequency ablation (RFA). In this case, you will receive anaesthesia to reduce pain during treatment. Then, tiny cuts will be made and it is through these that a catheter will be inserted inside the vein. A device that will release radio waves heat will then be put inside the catheter. Once in the right place inside the vein, the catheter will be removed gradually and the device will be activated to release heat. This will ensure that the whole vein is heated and damaged for good. RFA is so effective and easy to recover from; people are able to resume work almost immediately. If your vein repair specialist asks you to wear compression stockings, do it to speed up your recovery.

Foam sclerotherapy is also a technique that is being used to treat small, medium-size and large varicose veins these days. It uses foam instead of liquid sclerosant and this has proven to be more effective. Sclerotherapy of any kind still involves injections that are administered directly into the veins. It can be ultrasound-guided too and it is not so uncomfortable. All the same, sclerotherapy might not be the best technique for those who hate or fear needles.

If you do, tell your vein repair doctor to recommend a different approach. Sclerotherapy works great, although the problem could recur if it’s not done right. A few sessions might be required to completely clear varicose veins and you must attend all of them to increase your chances of success. It does have side effects, but these rarely happen and do not affect everyone who undergoes sclerotherapy.

Laser therapy or endovenous laser ablation (EVLA or EVLT) is another technique that is effective when used to treat smaller abnormal leg veins. Your vein doctor San Diego will use a laser device to cure your veins and this is known to release a strong beam of light. It works best when used to clear spider veins and it is preferred because of causing almost no side effect.

Venaseal is also a well-known technique to cure varicose veins with. Also called vein glue, Venaseal is safe, unique and less-invasive. It is a clinical adhesive used to effectively and speedily remove varicose veins. Other modern ways to cure these is Clarivein and Varithena. Once you get in touch with your vein repair expert, he or she will explain what each technique entails. Do not hesitate to ask them questions prior to choosing the right cure for you. Each varicose vein treatment method has pros and cons; ask about these before accepting any treatment offered by your vein doctor San Diego. Additionally, find out the cost of each method and whether you can be covered by your health insurance company. This will put your mind at ease and enable you to endure the whole treatment process.

Recovery Period

This will largely depend on how your vein repair clinic decides to treat you. If you are treated via any of the minimally invasive techniques, the recovery will be so quick and you will be back to work in no time at all. On the other hand, if you are too unlucky to be operated on, perhaps to repair a venous wound and remove very stubborn big varicose veins, you will take longer to recover fully. Always remember to call your vein doctor San Diego if you notice some serious side effects or if you see new varicose veins forming.

Moreover, make sure that you follow each instruction that your specialist gives to allow the treatment process to end successfully. Another thing to know is that you are free to seek a second opinion prior or after receiving treatment. So get a new vein doctor name any time you wish by seeking advice from your friends and relatives or by searching online.


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