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Are you worried about getting varicose vein treatment in Manhattan?

You’ve dealt with fatigue, swollen ankles, and aching legs at the end of a long day. You’ve noticed that your leg veins tend to throb painfully, and bulge out of your skin. Maybe you’ve put these together and figured out that you have a problem with your leg veins. One out of every two women in the United States suffers from some form of vein disease, and if you’re one of them, the best thing to do is see a vein specialist. Granted, most of us are simply too nervous to get treated, but today, we have minimally invasive, virtually painless varicose veins treatment solutions, right here in Manhattan.

Tired of living with aching, bulging leg veins? We give you information on state of the art, convenient varicose vein treatment available in Manhattan.

The most advanced solutions for varicose vein treatment in Manhattan

Varicose veins are formed due to a condition called chronic venous insufficiency (CVS). Tiny ‘valves’ in your leg vein normally keep blood that’s moving towards your heart from falling back down into your legs. In CVS, these valves become dysfunctional, and as a result, there is an excess of blood in your leg veins, which distends the vein walls and causes them to bulge out. Ideally, varicose vein treatment needs removal of the entire vein with its defective valve. Now that may sound scary, but today’s cutting edge minimally invasive techniques make varicose vein treatment convenient, comfortable, and hassle free. Here is a list of options that you can choose from:

1. Radiofrequency ablation

The vein doctor numbs your skin with anesthetic, and makes a small nick in your leg to expose the vein. A radiofrequency catheter is then inserted into the vein, which, after activation, heats up from within. This causes the vein walls to scar, and seal off from blood flow. As the blood gets re-routed through healthier veins, the defective vein gets naturally absorbed by the body and disappears.

2. Endovenous laser ablation

Just like the radiofrequency ablation, the vein is exposed. A laser fiber, inserted instead of a catheter, delivers laser energy which basically does the same thing as the radiofrequency catheter. This may be slightly more uncomfortable than radiofrequency, but basically gives the same results.

3. Venaseal

For those of you who wish to avoid even the anesthetic injection, this cutting edge, even less invasive method is a great option. Using imaging guidance, a catheter is directly advanced into your vein (no need for an incision!) Medicated glue is applied in drops throughout the length of the vein, which seals it off from blood circulation.

4. Clarivein

This is another revolutionary method that avoids anesthetic injections and incisions. Under ultrasound imaging guidance, a tiny catheter containing sclerosing agent (a medicated solution that causes vein scarring) is inserted into the vein. Once within the vein, the catheter begins to rotate, distributing the scerosing agent all around, throughout the length of the vein. The vein then scars and seals off.

5. Sclerotherapy

As the name suggests, this also involves the injection of sclerosing agent, but this method is meant for smaller veins, that can directly be accessed through a syringe. This is generally performed after one of the above procedures has been carried out, to seal off smaller residual veins.

6. Varithena

This is similar to sclerotherapy, but is employed for slightly larger residual veins. In this technique, a special medicated foam is injected into the defective vein, which allows the vein to scar and seal off.

Left untreated, varicose veins can lead to life threatening problems such as rupture and severe bleeding, blood clots, and leg ulcers. The treatment options above are minimally invasive, and require practically no down time – you can get it done at lunch and return to work the same day!

New York City Vein Treatment Center: The ideal destination for varicose vein treatment in Manhattan

Our varicose vein clinic in NY offers all the above state of the art treatment options, performed by board certified physicians who have years of experience in these procedures.

Expert vein doctors

Our vein doctors in NY are Ivy-league trained, and specialize exclusively in the treatment of venous insufficiency. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment at one of our three vein experts

  • Michael Nguyen, one of the top varicose vein doctors in the United States, has pioneered several of the advanced vein treatments described above. He is not only an expert at minimally invasive vein treatment, he teaches doctors around the world these techniques.
  • Namrata Khimani also has nationwide acclaim as a vein expert. She is especially good with women, and specializes in treating vein diseases during and after pregnancy.
  • Juan Montoya is a skilled vascular surgeon who has treated extremely complex vein diseases over the years. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery for chronic venous insufficiency.

State of the art equipment

To perform the best vein treatment with cutting edge procedures, the Vein Center invests in top-grade machines and armamentarium. From our ultrasound machine to our treatment units, the superior quality gives the procedures here quality outcomes, which are hard to beat.

Efficient and compassionate support staff

All our support staff are certified experts, and are very good at what they do> they will work towards making your visit and treatment as comfortable as possible.

Simplified payment options

Most treatments for venous diseases are covered by insurance. All the vein doctors at the NYC Vein Treatment Center accept all major insurances, including Medicare. Our staff will be pleased to work with your treatment plan utilizing your policy requirements, and do the needful.

Our top-of-the-line treatment at the Vein Treatment Clinic in NY is replicated at all vein treatment centers under the VIP Medical Group. This group includes leading vein doctors in NJ and NY, who share a common goal – to offer you the most exemplary treatment there is. You can schedule a consultation with any one of our vein treatment clinics, which are conveniently present in several locations. Give us a call today!

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