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Aging brings a range of illnesses and conditions and one of the more common ones will be varicose veins. Anyone can suffer from them and they are prevalent in people over the age of 50. They are also known as Varicosities and present themselves as large, dark coloured, thick veins. If rope like veins start to protrude through the skin, then it is safe to say that you are developing varicose veins and may need to visit a vascular vein clinic. Not all will grow to a great size and when they stay small it could be that there will be laser for spider veins carried out.

Venous insufficiency

This is the condition that leads to you suffering from varicose veins. The blood is not able to move around the body in the way that it should. With normal veins, the blood that has been transported to the bottom of the body will start to make its way back and can pass through the valves in the vein and onto the next section. When varicose veins are formed or forming, this cannot happen as the valves are damaged. The blood will get in, but the veins cannot push it on to the next level. It either stays where it is and causes a varicose vein or falls back down to the feet where there is the risk of ulcers and infection. It is worth trying to deal with this by wearing compression stockings, but if this does not work, there will be the need for further help and this will mean from the vascular vein clinic.

The reason that the veins take on this appearance is because the blood cannot pass through them in the way that it should. They can make an appearance anywhere on the body but the majority of the time they will be found on the legs and sometimes the face. While it is true that anyone can get them, women seem to suffer more than men and as a result that gender ends up making more visits to a vascular vein clinic. The reasons for this will be: –

  • Weight – women seem to gain it as they age, and the added weight puts added pressure on the veins. Advice may be given at the vascular vein clinic as to ways to reduce weight.
  • Pregnancy – a couple will not lead to varicose veins right away, but if there is a large family, the odds increase.
  • Birth control pills. If these lead to small veins developing, they can be treated with a session of laser for spider veins.
  • Movement – if you sit too long, they can come and also if you stand too long.
  • Family history – there is nothing you can do about this as if your family members have them, then you are likely to have them. When this is the case, accept it and visit a vascular vein clinic.

Spider veins

Spider veins are not as noticeable as varicose veins but can be seen when they are on the face. It is not necessary to deal with them in the same way as fully blown varicose veins, but when they can be seen it will be a good idea to have them treated. Laser for spider veins is a way to do that.

Otherwise known as telangiectasias they are near to the surface of the skin and tend to be near to the site of the varicose veins. They get the name spider veins due to the fact that when they gather together, they give the appearance of a spider’s web. They can be caused in the same way as varicose veins and laser for spider veins is the way to deal with them.

Treatment will often be dependent upon the decision of your doctor as they know that you can survive perfectly well while they are there, and the unsightly element is the only thing to worry about, although laser for spider veins is a possibility. If this is the case, they will accept that they may not have the ability to treat them properly so will suggest that you make an appointment with a specialist who has the training and experience to get your legs back how you want them.

There is a good reason why you should go to a specialist and that is because they train longer and specialise in vascular disorders. You can be sure that by visiting such a specialist, you will be being treated by the doctor with the best knowledge and likely will receive laser for spider veins.

Training for vascular doctors

The first stage will be to qualify as a doctor who can practice general surgery before going on to train in vascular surgery. A fellowship in vascular surgery will follow and then another 7 years training. It is only when this has been completed that the doctor can become a certified vascular surgeon.

You will be able to get a lot of advice from the doctor as without medical training it is likely you will not be aware of what each option entails. Without this information, it will be hard to decide which form of treatment will be best for the degree of damage you have to your veins. They will eventually work in a vascular vein clinic and carry out the full range of treatments including laser for spider veins.


Not all varicose veins treatment will be covered by your insurance policy, so it is important to check what contribution they will make – if any. Normally it will only pay when the doctor tells them that there is a medical reason why they are carrying out the treatment. Laser for spider veins may not be covered as it is not a major procedure. Usually, this will be when there is the risk of ulceration. If you do have to pay, then it is worth finding out if there is a way that you can pay in instalments. Many treatments will require more than one visit to the surgeon, so if it possible you may be able to split the charge over the number of visits needed. Payment tends to be needed when the reason there is surgery taking place is because the sufferer does not like the way they look rather than there is pain or the risk of infection.

Leg swelling and heaviness

As with any fluid that gathers in the tissue, blood that gets stuck in a vein can lead to the legs swelling. Gravity is the main reason why this appears to happen more in the lower part of the leg. The older you are the more likely it is going to happen and it is important to get this symptom checked out. It can be a prelude to varicose veins but can also be a sign of heart problems and cellulitis. It is likely that this is going to be treated via laser for spider veins.

Heaviness is also likely to occur in the legs. This happens when the veins have started to narrow, and the blood cannot move the way that it should. Again, there could be other reasons, so it needs to be checked out, and as with varicose veins overall, women are going to get the symptom more than men.

The heaviness, when connected to veins could be due to the fact that the blood can pool around the ankles when it cannot move upwards, but this will stop when there has been laser for spider veins undergone.

Treatment including laser for spider veins

There are a number of treatments that can be carried out and there will be some that are not invasive, while others will be classed more as surgery rather than treatment. The veins will usually be killed off and become useless, but at times will have to be taken out altogether. Laser for spider veins is one that is not going to require a lot of treatment and upheaval.

VNUS Radiofrequency Ablation

This is one of the treatments available from a vascular vein clinic that is not going to require the body to be invaded too much. It will not even require there to be a visit to the hospital made as the doctor will be able to carry it out in their surgery. Once completed there will be a great improvement in the way that the legs appear, and it is hoped that there will not be a further deterioration of the veins in that area. The problems that came along with the varicose veins will be limited and life will go on the way it had before.

Once arriving at the vascular vein clinic treatment will begin and a small hole will be made, and a catheter inserted. The vein will seal in on itself as the radiofrequency hits it. There will be medication given to make sure that you do not feel anything, but there is not going to be a great deal of pain felt. All in all, it takes around 15 minutes and you should not be inhibited in your daily activities.

Plebectomy at a vascular vein clinic

Once the veins have grown, it is likely that the doctor at the vascular vein clinic will suggest that this as the way to deal with them. Rather than let the veins seal and die, they will be removed altogether. It is still a small procedure and stitching will not be required to close the entrance. Even though there is the removal of a vein it can be done at the doctors rather than at a hospital. Recovery may take a little longer than some procedures and a little care needs to be taken. This is considered serious enough to allow reimbursement from insurance companies as long as you can prove you tried other methods – compression stockings being the main one.


Spider veins react well to this treatment as do varicose veins. With sclerotherapy there is a catheter inserted and heat causes the vein to seal. Blood cannot get in and although a couple of sessions may be needed, the vein will not accept blood again.

Vein Stripping

The doctor will take the entire vein out of the body and this is a more detailed procedure. A hospital trip – and possibly stay – is needed and also a general anaesthetic. The main reason for this will be when veins are large, and the body may struggle to absorb them. Afterwards the legs should be varicose vein and pain free.

Aftercare could be needed so it will be ideal id someone could be around to look after you. It is also going to be necessary to take time away from work in the majority of cases. Another session may be required a as a vein could be overlooked or be too small to remove in the first session. Again, this will need a hospital stay as there will not be the facilities at a vascular vein clinic.

More recently it has become clear that there is little to worry about when varicose veins start to form. It could be that a varicose vein clinic needs to be involved, but not at the beginning. The veins will start of quite small and not require treatment. Once they become visible it is likely that you will want to have them dealt with. It is at this stage that laser for spider veins can be used and this will not only make the area look better but ensure that they will not grow too large and become varicose veins. When this happens, it is time for treatment and even at this stage it is nothing to be afraid of as you will have experienced sclerotherapy or vein stripping.

After treatment there is nothing to say that there will not be another outbreak of varicose veins, as removing or dealing with one set of varicose veins does not mean that other veins will not eventually break down. At least if there does have to be other rounds of treatment you will know what to expect and know that it is not going to disrupt your life for long and you will soon be out of the vascular vein clinic.

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