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You will soon know if you have varicose veins as they will be standing out on your leg or maybe face. If you have any problems with them, you should make an appointment with a vein doctor San Diego. If you do find that they are getting worse, there are plenty of ways to treat them. In case you are not sure if you are suffering from varicose veins or another condition, you can look out for venous insufficiency symptoms.

Developing Varicose Veins

The problems begin when the blood is not able to work its way through the veins correctly. Normally the blood will go from the veins near the surface of the skin to the deeper veins and then on towards the heart. The problems start when the valves start to fail and the blood cannot be kept in situ long enough for it to go to the next stage. Once the veins are damaged, there is not enough power to keep the blood going in the right direction and it falls back down towards the feet. Most of the time, it will pool around the ankle. In some cases, people are unlucky and born with a propensity to developing varicose veins as the walls are weak and even without additional pressure, the valves will not do the job they are designed to do. A vein doctor San Diego will be able to tell you if you require treatment.


Often the causes can be dealt with. There are certain things such as age and gender that you cannot control. If you are a woman you are more at risk and the older you get, the more likely they will form. Pregnancy can be a conduit, especially if there are more than two pregnancies and a varicose vein doctor San Diego should be consulted.

Venous Insufficiency Symptoms

Just because the veins are large, it does not mean that they are going to be worse than other people’s veins. While there may not be any symptoms, most people will find that:

  • The veins swell and stick out under the skin.
  • The legs will ache and feel heavy. You suffer more after long periods of standing up.
  • Cramps will occur, usually through the night and your varicose vein doctor San Diego should recommend you raise the legs when sleeping.
  • Feet and ankles will swell – Again this will be worse after long periods of standing.
  • Burning sensation – This can be combined with itchiness, again after standing.
  • Venous eczema – This will be in the form of red rash.
  • Ulcers –Not many people get them, but they are unpleasant when they do occur.

There can be bleeding at times, but you may be fortunate and not suffer from this. Walking is going to help your legs to feel better and if you are resting, then put your feet up as much as you can. It is often the case that pregnant women suffer from varicose veins more than other people and even if they are not pregnant during periods, they can appear or become worse. As the symptoms can also be an indicator of conditions other than varicose veins, it will be a good idea to have them checked out. If your doctor feels that they are due to varicose veins, you will be referred to a vein doctor San Diego.

One such varicose vein doctor San Diego you can be sent to will be Dr Billy Schofield. They are fully qualified when it comes to treating varicose veins and have a great deal of experience of the condition in all of its stages. Dr Schofield was trained at Harvard and as well as his work on veins, he has vast experience of treating many other conditions. Dr Schofield is used to implementing the accepted treatments for improving the condition of varicose veins and is now testing new treatments. One of the latest ones is VenaSeal.

Testing for Varicose Veins

A vein doctor San Diego will want to know all about your medical past and also will want to specifically know about how the legs feel at the moment. An examination will take place, and this will let the vein doctor San Diego decide what they can do at the present time. The vascular surgeon who will take over your treatment will explain the options to you. If there are medical reasons that they need to be removed, you could find that your insurance covers them, but if you are just not happy about the appearance, it is likely that you will have to fund the treatment yourself.

Viewing the veins will be easy. It is what is happening deeper in the leg that will be a problem and to combat this you will undergo a scan known as a duplex ultrasound. It will allow the doctor to view the veins that they cannot see with the naked eye. They will also see how the blood is flowing and understand how bad the damage really is. There is also the benefit of allowing the vein doctor San Diego to make sure that there is not a blood clot causing the problem.

Home Remedies

Before starting on medical treatment, the varicose vein doctor San Diego will suggest some treatments that you could try before surgery takes place. The first ones that they will suggest are:

  • Weight loss –Extra weight puts additional stress on the veins
  • Exercise –Swimming is ideal as there will not be any pressure put on the legs while it takes place. Walking is also going to be beneficial as it will keep the blood circulating.
  • Sitting and standing –It will be best if you do not do either for too long. If you get the chance to alternate between the two, then there is a good chance that you will prevent the varicose veins from getting worse.
  • Resting legs –Try to keep them raised when you can. Every vein doctor San Diego will advise this.
  • Compression stockings –Early on it is possible to get over the counter stockings. If a more medical level is required, then your doctor should provide a prescription. These are particularly important when you are pregnant.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Before the treatment begins, all home options will be covered. Once the duplex scan results are returned, there will be a decision made on the way forward. Although the vein doctor San Diego will be clear on the best way to go, you will be involved in the decision. No treatment should be ruled out and all should be carefully considered as there are pros and cons to all of them. If you are not troubled by the veins, you may want to wait and see how things go. It is only once there is discomfort and possibly limitations on your day to day activities that you should consider what to do.

There are few real risks to having treatment; so if you do decide to fund it, it will be money well spent, especially as the long term prognosis is good. A varicose vein doctor San Diego will help you with the process. It is important to remember that while veins that are permanently sealed off will not come back into circulation, there is nothing to see that new ones will not appear. If you can reduce the issues that lead to them it may delay the process.

Non-Surgical intervention from a vein doctor San Diego

Before surgery takes place, there are a number of procedures that the vein doctor San Diego like Dr. Carly Guthrie will carry out. The veins will be blocked but the blood will still be able to flow around the body. As one vein is closed off, another one will take over and allow the blood to carry on its journey.

Endothermal ablation

Here the vein is closed off due to the administration of heat. Either radio waves or laser will be used. Both of them create enough heat to seal off the vein. Endothermal ablation has the advantage of being a less invasive treatment. The overall results will be similar to the results of full surgery and the process will be much less risky and recovery swifter. Only a local anesthetic will be needed so you will be awake throughout the treatment and able to see what is being done. The leg will be numbed, and you should not feel anything that the varicose vein doctor San Diego does.

The only feeling should be as the numbness starts to set in and a feeling of pulling. A small cut will be made for the catheter to slide in and it is the heat at the tipoff this tube that will seal the vein. The treatment does not take long and you will be sent home the same day with the instructions to carry out some recovery based actions – mainly short periods of walking before getting back to your normal activity.

Foam Sclerotherapy

Here foam will be put into the veins and causes them to seal. Often more than one treatment is needed but it is not painful and can be very effective.


If it is considered that these treatments will not work, your vein doctor San Diego may consider surgery. The veins will be removed altogether and there is no way that they can become a problem again. As with other treatments, this will not stop other veins become varicose in the future. Losing the veins will not stop the blood moving correctly, as your varicose veins doctor San Diego should explain all of the issues to you. For the vein removal, you will have to be put under as there will be a cut made that will allow the vein to be removed. Firstly, it will be put out of commission and then taken out completely.

Once it has gone, other veins will take over. If the veins are near to the surface, it could be a phlebectomy carried out and here you will be kept awake. Whichever procedure you have, you will often be allowed to go home the same day. If there is no one at home, you may have an overnight stay. But, within a week or so, you should be able to return to work as long as the working conditions are right. Now that you know what is available, it will help to know the pros and cons and the varicose vein doctor San Diego who treats you should talk you through all of the options.

Home treatment


  • No side effects
  • Veins will not get worse


  • The veins will still be there
  • You could still be in pain and the legs will look unsightly

Radio frequency ablation


  • Quick recovery due to only having a local anaesthetic from the vein doctor San Diego.
  • Less change of swelling or bruising


  • Not universally suitable even from a good varicose vein doctor San Diego
  • Multiple treatments needed
  • Possible pins and needles
  • Possible inflammation

Endovenous Ablation



  • Quick recovery
  • No general anaesthetic
  • Less pain


  • Not suitable for everyone
  • No long term history
  • Inflammation and skin color changes

Foam Sclerotherapy


  • Quick recovery
  • Local anesthetic used
  • Suitable for all


  • No long term history of the procedure
  • Multiple treatments
  • Bruising and swelling may occur.
  • Risk of small ulcers appearing
  • Not suitable if you have suffered blood clots.
  • There have been more serious side effects such as strokes.



  • Tried and tested
  • Permanent


  • General anaesthetic required from the varicose vein doctor San Diego
  • Longer recovery time needed
  • Bruising
  • Occasional nerve damage



  • Quick
  • Effective


  • Uncomfortable and your varicose vein doctor San Diego should warn you of this

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from visiting a vein doctor San Diego. Before you know it, your legs will both look and feel better. If you do have to have further treatment, you should feel confident that the varicose vein doctor San Diego that you used will help you again.

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