Sclerotherapy Treatment Near Me – Opt For a Vein Treatment Center in NJ that Offers Advanced Sclerotherapy Techniques

One of the diseases that affect leg veins is chronic venous insufficiency. It is a condition characterized with symptoms such as varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers, and skin discoloration and so on. Venous insufficiency is one of those conditions that are treated at the leading vein treatment centre in NJ. It occurs when blood from your leg veins does not flow back to the heart. Our veins have valves that open to allow blood to flow out and close to prevent it from flowing backwards. If valves in your leg veins become faulty, they will prevent blood from flowing towards your heart. Instead, it will flow backward and gather in your veins. This describes venous insufficiency, which is best treated at a renowned vein treatment centre New Jersey area.

Sclerotherapy treatment near me and other treatments

Once a person develops chronic venous insufficiency, the next they are going to notice are varicose veins and/or spider veins in legs. Once these are present, you should know that you have a progressive disease. If it’s not treated, you might end up with very painful wounds or ulcers and blood clots. It is important to look into sclerotherapy and other treatment methods offered by the most reputable vein treatment centre in NJ. Due to advancements in modern medicine, doctors have great ways to restore proper venous blood circulation. They can get rid of your varicose or spider veins and save you from having to deal with serious complications like ulcerations. Some treatments are designed to cause vein collapse and others remove the problematic vein completely. All of the methods can be done individually or together to promote the end result. The right medical therapy for you will depend on the diagnosis you would receive from your favorite vein treatment centre New Jersey. As well as this, the best treatment will be picked based on the following:

  • Type of symptoms you have. Is it spider veins or varicose veins? Spider veins tend to be small, superficial veins and can be blue, red or purple. They form a tree branch or a spider web pattern. On the other hand, varicose veins are big, bulging veins that everyone can easily notice. They also have a twisted rope appearance and can be so embarrassing to live with. Varicose veins are more problematic than spider veins because they can cause pain, heaviness in legs, fatigue, itch and ulcerations.  If you have them, go to the nearest vein treatment centre in NJ and get a diagnosis.
  • Size and pressure. Your doctor will know what treatment method to recommend after checking the diameter of your veins. Varicose veins are usually larger in diameter than spider veins. All the same, if you only have spider veins, your vein treatment centre New Jersey specialist will treat them according to their size— in terms of diameter.
  • Where your veins are appearing. Is it your thighs, behind your knee, calves or ankles? While most people develop this disease in their legs, due to the fact that legs bear our body weight, there are a few who have spider veins in hands, face, back, breasts and pubic area. The right therapy will be chosen based on the location of your problematic veins.
  • Severity of your veins. The physician at your preferred vein treatment centre in NJ will consider the seriousness of your varicose veins or spider veins. Where are the veins more concentrated and how bad do they make you feel? Many treatment sessions may be arranged if you have a big area to treat.
  • Skin texture and color. This is also something that your vein specialist will reflect on when selecting the right treatment technique. If a method would cause scarring, for instance, scars would be more visible if one’s skin is softer, thinner or lighter.

Your vein treatment centre New Jersey specialist will never speculate anything when determining the right cure for you. They will carry out non-invasive tests in their offices, as well as physical examinations. After getting results, they will pick one or more treatment techniques that could suit your problem. Sclerotherapy is picked more often than other methods as it is the ideal treatment option for small varicose veins and spider veins. Besides this one, your vein treatment center in NJ can choose mini-phlebectomy, ambulatory surgery, Endovenous Laser Ablation or EVLT and so on.

Sclerotherapy treatment near me – What types of sclerotherapy are there?

First of all, sclerotherapy at any vein treatment centre in NJ refers to the injection therapy. It is the most prevalent cure for varicose veins and spider veins. During the process, the doctor administers a certain chemical solution into the problematic vein or capillary. Their goal is to irritate and collapse the vein walls from inside and the sclerosing agent does a perfect job. Sooner than later, the damaged vein gets reabsorbed by the body and the blood that used to flow through it is redirected to a healthier blood vessel. This results to a properly working venous circulation in the treated area. As there are different kinds of sclerotherapy, your doctor at your favorite vein treatment center New Jersey will determine the best kind as well as whether combining two techniques would be more helpful. Here they are:

  • Painless Cryo Sclerotherapy – unique to certain vein treatment centre New Jersey doctors, painless Cryo sclerotherapy is all about cooling of skin prior to injecting it so as to numb it. It is done via cryotherapy equipment that emits short gushes of extremely cooled air that freezes the skin. This air also gets rid of inflammation when a patient gets injected. Cryo sclerotherapy is a quick, painless and effective vein treatment method. The whole treatment procedure takes about half of an hour. As soon as the doctor is done, you can resume your normal duties. This means that there is no time wasted when you decide to try this option. Unlike other treatment options, stockings are not necessary and patients are able to workout as soon as the next day. Following treatment at any vein treatment center in NJ, there will be moderate bruising that will last for two to four weeks. Thus, you should boost your healing process by avoiding the sun and covering up yourself with long-sleeved shirts and long bottoms. As well, you can reduce the period you would stay with bruises by avoiding blood thinners and aspirin before you visit a vein treatment center New Jersey area. If you take hormone supplements, stop taking them to shorten your treatment period.
  • Foam Sclerotherapy – This is a brand new way of placing the sclerosing agent into the aching vein. Foam therapy is picked for those suffering from large varicose veins. If your veins weren’t removed successfully via traditional sclerotherapy, foam might be your best solution right now. It looks almost like your shaving cream and it is able to boost your healing in two different ways. Foam is able to displace blood inside the vein and this permits the sclerosing agent to come into contact with the vein wall for a lengthy period without becoming diluted. Next, foam can be viewed via ultrasound imaging and then tracked and directed to the source of the venous problem. When large veins are being treated via foam sclerotherapy, an ultrasound machine is used too.
  • Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy – This is a rather unique way of eliminating varicose veins and it is available in the best vein treatment center in NJ. Vein specialists guide and observe a needle via ultrasound imaging until it reaches the exact vein that needs to be injected. Ultrasound imaging simplifies and quickens vein treatment and is best picked for larger and deeper veins. Without this type of therapy, such veins would only be cured via surgery. If you choose vein treatment center New Jersey doctors that are more advanced, you are likely to receive your ultrasound guided sclerotherapy via a thin flexible tube (catheter) rather than a needle. This method is often preferred when the problematic veins are large and in areas that are hard to reach such as knees or groin.
  • Laser guided sclerotherapy – When laser therapy alone is used, it is only suitable for elimination of tinier spider veins and broken capillaries. Laser releases strong energy light that is delivered to the sick vein via the skin where it is absorbed by the red blood cells. Shortly after, it causes the vein to seal and disappear. Just for the patient’s comfort, a doctor at any vein treatment center in NJ uses a cooling device. When laser is used alone in the removal of sick veins in legs, it offers minimal results. That’s why doctors have found another way to use laser successfully. Now they are doing laser-assisted sclerotherapy where painless sclerotherapy is done in conjuction with laser energy via the skin. To begin, the doctor injects the vein with a sclerosing agent. The red blood cells released at the injection site are pulsed via laser energy to completely close the vein.

Illumination tools used during sclerotherapy treatment near me

The three instruments that have simplified sclerotherapy of any kind are infrared lighting, transillumination and polarized magnification. They are kinds of illumination that have enabled doctors to trace deeper veins. All veins that cannot be seen with a naked eye are found through these tools and this has helped doctors at every vein treatment center New Jersey attend to various patients. These high intensity light sources are passed via the skin surface to locate and inject the sick veins. Deeper varicose veins tend to be captured by the Ultrasound imaging and then they are injected with a sclerosing agent.

The most perfect solution

As you have found out above, sclerotherapy is so advanced nowadays. But which sclerotherapy method is ideal? There is no standard solution that is perfect for all. Instead, sclerosing chemicals are either used alone or combined to create a stronger cure for larger varicose veins. Types of sclerosing agents available now include hypertonic saline, hypertonic dextrose, polidocanol, sodium tetradecyl sulphate and glycerine.

What should you expect during a sclerotherapy session?

A typical sclerotherapy period may involve forty to forty-five shots or injections to treat veins in a single area. Injections are known to feel like the sensation you would have if someone pricked you with a pin or if a mosquito bites you. That’s quite tolerable, to be honest, but you don’t have to tolerate it anymore. With the more advanced painless cyro sclerotherapy provided by the top vein treatment center in NJ, patients can have their veins injected with a sclerosing agent without the fear of pain. As patients’ venous insufficiency problem varies in terms of severity, you can expect each individual’s treatment period to be unique. If you have a larger area that needs treatment, or larger varicose veins, your vein treatment centre New Jersey might take longer to complete your treatment procedure.

Your post treatment process

Generally, your doctor at your vein treatment center in NJ will bandage your leg for about two hours after receiving the shots. This is done to keep the veins closed. This does not mean that you should rest or sleep. Instead, you can wear compressions stockings for one to three days and continue doing your exercises. Treated veins will close down and blood from them will be redirected to a healthier vein. Multiple treatment sessions might be arranged after the first one if you have a larger area to treat. Thus, you might come over once a week based on your schedule to cover the remaining sessions. This can be organized for you by your vein treatment center New Jersey. Sclerotherapy results to an outcome that is close to perfection, but this will depend on who treats you and how cooperative you are.


If sclerotherapy does not help, there are other ways that a good vein treatment center in New Jersey can provide. They can recommend other treatments that are known to be more effective, including Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and Ambulatory phlebectomy. All you have to do is to follow your doctor’s instructions and if you want to be surer and safer, you can seek a second opinion from a different vein treatment center in NJ .

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