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Chronic Venous Insufficiency Overview

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Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatments


Treating underlying chronic venous insufficiency can improve symptoms and the cosmetic appearance of the legs. On the right are pictures of a Vein Clinic patient before and after treatment with radiofrequency ablation.


Treatment usually begins with conservative measures: compression stockings, leg elevation, weight loss. If conservative measures don’t help, your doctor will decide how to proceed based on your individual venous anatomy as well as your unique medical history and priorities.

Non-surgical methods:

• Endovenous thermal ablations: Endovenous ablation uses hеаt рrоduсеd by a laser or hіgh-frеquеnсу sound waves to heat uр affected veins and seal them closed, re-routing blood flow to healthier veins. There is no down-time associated with endovenous ablation; it is safe, effective and convenient.

Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy is the injection оf a medication directly іntо аffесtеd vеіnѕ. Delivered in liquid or foam form, the medication irritates the walls of the veins and causes them to seal closed. Over time, the veins are reabsorbed by the body.

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Vein Treatment FAQ

Insurance Coverage
Questions about insurance coverage? We will explain to you your vein treatment insurance coverage and benefits. Provide us with your insurance information and we will answer any questions you may have 855-807-4936

Before any treatment is done, you will have a detailed outline of how much you will owe (if anything). We will work directly with your insurance company to help you get treated.

We work closely with insurance companies and you to ensure that there are no surprise bills or hidden costs.

Do I need a physician referral?
No. The majority of providers we work with don’t require a physician referral. However, some insurances do, please give us a call and our verifications team will help you get in touch with your insurance provider.
What should I bring to my initial consultation?
1. Insurance card or cards.

2. Photo ID.

3. Complete medical history. List of all prescriptions and over-the counter medication that you are taking.

4. List of allergies, including food and medical.

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