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Syncope, also known as fainting, is a sudden, short loss of consciousness that usually causes the body to go limp. This is often associated with a limited supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain and low blood pressure (hypotension).  The causes can be various including cardiac, metabolic or neurologic in nature.

Two of the more common reasons for fainting include orthostatic hypotension and vasovagal syncope.  In each form, a sudden change in blood pressure related to changes in body position (lying to standing or sitting to standing) can result in syncope.

In both cases, abnormal pooling of blood within the lower extremities can precipitate the fainting spell.  Patients with varicose veins or venous insufficiency can be more prone to such conditions.

In general, the most common prescription for the management of vasovagal syncope is increasing hydration, re-evaluating chronic medications, and compression stockings.  Unfortunately, many patients continue to have recurrent dizzy and fainting spells

Varicose vein disease is the result of reduced function in the veins in your feet and legs. Over time, the valves in the vein walls that work to pump blood toward the heart and against gravity can weaken, allowing blood to flow backward and pool in the legs and feet.   In patients already prone to postural hypotension, the presence of venous insufficiency can further complicate the issue.  Therefore, our specialists recommend early consideration and evaluation for vein disease in patients with recurrent orthostatic hypotension.

This article was contributed by Dr. Sareh Rajaee.  Dr. Rajaee is a top varicose vein doctor in New Jersey.  She specializes in varicose vein removal and spider vein removal.  Dr. Rajaee uses advanced techniques such as radiofrequency ablation (VNUS), endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), and also VenaSeal.  If you are looking for a vein treatment center in New Jersey, contact us for details on how you can see Dr. Sareh Rajaee in NJ.

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