Vein conditions are extremely common of late. The root cause of these is a disease called venous reflux or venous insufficiency. It causes a vein to stretch and widen, altering its usual shape, size and function. Naturally, blood flows via a network of blood vessels called veins and arteries. The role of veins is to return deoxygenated blood from various body organs to the heart while arteries carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. When veins are unable to properly do their work, a number of problems may occur.

One of these is venous reflux, and it begins when the valves inside your veins fail to close fully. This causes some of the blood to seep out and pool in a vein. One of the signs that you have venous insufficiency is presence of spider veins or varicose veins. Regardless of what you have, it’s really necessary to call a specialist from the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ. After examining your veins, he or she will tell you the exact vein problem you have. But, even without a doctor’s intervention, you can observe your veins and speculate their problem. All you have to do is to observe your symptoms and figure out what could be causing them.

How to know you have spider veins

Also known as telangiectasias or thread veins, spider veins have obvious symptoms. First, they can attack several areas of your body: thighs, calves, ankles, arms, face and other areas that are mostly exposed to the sun. Thread veins tend to be colorful (red, purple or blue) and are so thin and superficial. About zero-point-five to one millimeter in diameter, spider veins are so small and embarrassing. While they don’t cause any serious health crisis, telangiectasias can lower your self-esteem and make you feel insecure. Instead of wearing bigger clothes to cover all the areas that thread veins have attacked, we would recommend going to the best center for varicose vein treatment Wayne NJ.

If you do, you will meet one of the most helpful vascular specialists who will be happy to treat you. It is important to note that spider veins are sometimes confused for reticular veins. While the two look almost alike, reticular veins are a bit bigger and deeper in comparison. They are one to three millimeters in diameter and tend to have a deeper blue tinge. If you are an adult between ages eighteen to sixty-four years, a time will come when you will get spider veins, reticular veins or both. Research indicates that eighty percent of males and females within the above-said age limit will suffer from thread veins or reticular veins at a certain stage of their lives. So, if you have noticed more visible veins that suit this description of spider veins, we would ask you to look for the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ. Getting tested by a knowledgeable vein doctor is the surest way to know whether you have spider veins or reticular veins.

When yours veins are actually varicose veins

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting to the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ, as it is during this appointment that varicose veins can be identified. While varicose veins are larger, swollen and twisted veins, they don’t always show symptoms. Varicose veins (also varicosities or varices) can exist even if you don’t see them and even if you can see them, they can be unproblematic. Thus, seeing the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ is much recommended. Regarding varicosities, it’s a problem that no victim should ignore. Even if you are able to go on living while having varicosities, there is an underlying disease, venous insufficiency, that should be treated at the best center for varicose vein treatment Wayne NJ.

If you ignore treating them now, you will be so sorry later on as more painful symptoms will emerge. If you often feel so tired in the evening, and most of the times your legs are swollen, chances are that you have existing varices. As well as these symptoms, cramps, pain and itching might point to the presence of varicose veins. These veins are so easily detectable and unsightly that most people prefer to remove them via the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ There are a number of suitable ways to remove varicosities, including EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) and RFA (Radiofrequency ablation). Hence, don’t live with varices; look for the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ and have them diagnosed and treated.

Important points to note about spider veins

As aforementioned, thread veins are extremely common and affect a huge population in the U.S alone. From my experience, spider veins can exist with or without pain. When I strained my legs a lot, my spider veins could hurt a great deal. Due to the nature of my work that requires me to sit down for hours, my spider veins grew quickly and by the time I sought help of the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ, they had occupied an extensive area of my thighs. It is possible that yours are also developing because of job-related strain and discomfort. The least you can do now is to get hold of suitable compression stockings and wear them to work every day and then seek the help of the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ.

While stockings can be bought from a local drug store, it is wiser to have yours prescribed by a vein expert who works at the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ. Thread veins are also caused by the aging process since our veins becomes weaker and less flexible as we age. There is nothing we can all do about aging as it is a must; however, if we develop abnormal veins(reticular, spider and varicose veins), we should seek the help of the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ. It might also be that you are developing a vein problem because it is in your genes. As with the aging process, there isn’t anything you can do about carrying genes that make you prone to spider veins or varicose veins. But, you can seek medical help if you notice them under the surface of your skin. Other things you must know is that your risk is higher when you are pregnant, menopausal, obese or a victim of a past vein surgery.

How spider veins affect ladies

If you are a woman, you are already familiar with the issue of hormonal imbalances during teenage, pregnancy and menopause. Most women develop varicose veins for the first time during pregnancy or after starting to use contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy. It is common knowledge that pregnancy makes women gain weight and this extra weight exerts pressure on veins. As well, pregnancy leads to a higher blood volume that causes veins to swell and enlarge. Thus, compared to men, women are at a higher risk of developing vein disorders during their reproductive years and after. If you notice abnormal veins in legs, don’t panic; go to the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ and have them examined by a competent vascular doctor.

Visit the best center for varicose vein treatment Wayne NJ

Having your thread veins or varicosities evaluated and treated by the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ is a prudent thing to do. As we earlier noted, these vein disorders occur because there is a progressive disease that must be stopped so that your symptoms can stop. Therefore, do the right thing now to keep your venous reflux disease from advancing to the worst stages. If you wait, then you might treat venous ulcers, skin disorders, hemorrhage, blood clots, edema and more. It is wrong to wait until these terrible symptoms appear as even the top vascular doctor will have a hard time eliminating them. If go to the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ now, you will reduce your symptoms, prevent complications, treat an underlying venous reflux disease and enhance the appearance of your skin. The doctor will perform a complete diagnosis to determine the severity of your venous disease. He or she will use duplex ultrasound to determine if the reflux problem is affecting both small and large superficial veins. If needed, they might as well perform blood tests and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) scans. Their ultimate goal will be to make sure that every vein problem you are suffering from is discovered. And when the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ doctor establishes that you really have a problem, they will go on and create an appropriate treatment plan.

What your treatment plan might involve

If you have spider veins or reticular veins, the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ will provide the simplest form of treatment—sclerotherapy. It is one of the least invasive methods of treating abnormal leg veins. As well as being an outpatient method, sclerotherapy is quick and painless. Above all, it is effective if it is performed by the most excellent vein specialist based in the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ. Unlike surgery, sclerotherapy is less invasive and easy to recover from. If you aren’t unlucky to experience its side effects, you can resume work as soon as the same day or the next one.

Also known as microsclerotherapy, sclerotherapy has evolved a lot over the years and the technique being offered now is more effective and dependable. It is the standard technique for eliminating spider veins. Thus, the first treatment technique that the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ will recommended to you is sclerotherapy. It usually entails use of injections where areas with spider veins are injected with a special sclerosant that is capable of damaging a vein. Positive results can be seen after a number of weeks, although there is a tiny percentage that doesn’t notice any change.

In such a case, more injections are given to the same area to eliminate the remaining spider or reticular veins. While sclerotherapy has side effects, they are rarely so severe and do not cause complications. So, you should expect redness, inflammation, bruising, trapped blood that causes tiny, sore lumps and skin discoloration. If you notice these side effects, it’s a sign that your vein treatment has worked. Within a few weeks, these mild side effects will have ended. If sclerotherapy does not work effectively or there is a situation where a patient does not prefer it, the best clinic for spider vein treatment Wayne NJ might recommend laser therapy.

A special kind of laser will be used to treat your abnormal veins by being applied directly to the affected areas. To ensure that a patient is as comfortable as possible, a local anaesthesia drug will be injected prior to placing a device that contains laser energy on top of the skin. The laser device will then be activated to release a certain type of light wavelength and once it enters the vein, it will cause your spider veins to collapse and close. Over time, you will notice that your thread veins have disappeared. Compared to sclerotherapy, laser therapy is less common and less acceptable. Being a new method of treating spider veins, laser therapy’s effectiveness is not well known and more research is needed to quantify its level of success.

Laser may trigger short-term bruising, skin lightening or darkening, swelling and itching. Finally, a doctor from the best center for varicose vein treatment Wayne NJ might recommend the use of compression stockings.

Last word about spider veins

Even before carrying out the diagnostic procedure and offering treatment, you must keep in mind that picking the best clinic for spider vein treatment in Wayne NJ as well as meeting the right vascular doctor is extremely vital. While there are several doctors online, we would highly recommend Dr. Faisal Sidiqqi.

Acknowledged countrywide for his ability to treat vascular conditions, Dr. Faisal is a renowned author with informative health-based publications a wealth of knowledge in his field. Hence, ensure that you select this doctor and the best clinic for spider veins treatment Wayne NJ that he works for. By so doing, you will get rid of your spider veins, reticular veins or varicose veins before they incapacitate your life so much that you cannot work anymore.