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The Best Vein Doctor – Discover Michael Nguyen’s Varicose Vein Center and Seek Treatment There 

Varicose veins and spider veins are common vein disorders. The latter aren’t as serious as the former, as these can disappear without a treatment. Varicose veins should be treated not only for cosmetic reasons but also to prevent serious complications.  If you visit a varicose vein center today, a doctor will examine your leg veins and determine which of the two conditions you have. If you have varicose veins (also varicosities or varices), it means that the affected veins have faulty valves. Faulty valves tend not to totally close when blood is moving toward your heart. This causes some of this blood to follow backward and gather in a superficial vein. 

Together with the venous pressure, the pooling blood causes the veins to bulge and twist. If you work while seated or standing for several hours, your varicose veins could worsen. The same case applies to those who are pregnant, overweight, aged, injured or undergoing hormonal issues. For now, visiting the best varicose veins and spider vein center in your area is the right thing to do.

When to see the best vein doctor 

As several other people, perhaps you don’t always rush to the doctor when you notice something unusual with any of your body parts. It could be that you have noticed abnormal leg veins and are just waiting to see if they will disappear on their own. This is okay, but it is not recommended. If your veins look bigger and twisted than usual or look like pronounced blood capillaries, it’s good to go to a varicose vein center for a thorough checkup. If you notice these symptoms, chances are that you have varicosities and an underlying venous disease. 

  • Pain that doesn’t really go away for too long.
  • Throbbing sensation 
  • Burning, numbness and/or tingling
  • Uncomfortable itch
  • Swelling and cramps during sleep
  • Restlessness and fatigue
  • Heavy feeling in legs
  • Enlarged, bulging veins with a twisted shape. 

Seeking medical help at the best spider vein center is extremely important. Those who ignore their varicose veins end up getting severe complications. First, such people risk getting skin problems like dermatitis, eczema, venous ulcers and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, untreated varicose veins can lead to phlebitis, blood clots and bleeding. As there are treatment options that are known to be safe, quick and comfortable, there is no use living with varices. 

Call the best vein doctor today, including Dr. Michael Nguyen. That’s because real varicose veins will always have to be examined via an ultrasound test prior to being treated. By examining you closely, your spider vein center specialist will discover the underlying vein disorder and pick one treatment trick that could work for you. Getting the Ultrasound test, also known as a venous reflux ultrasound, is extremely imperative. Otherwise, you will fail to receive the cure and results you so desperately want. 

What are your treatment options?

If your diagnosis turns positive, meaning that you really have varicosities, your spider vein center will explore the right treatment technique for you. This could be any of the following therapies:

  • Endovenous laser ablation – This treatment method makes a great substitute for a vein stripping surgery. That’s because it is minimally invasive and highly efficient, 95 to 98 percent, in curing varices. The vein surgeon must know your vein anatomy prior to performing an EVLA procedure. They can do this via Duplex Ultrasound as it is known to clearly show the ailing vein. EVLA is normally used to treat our GSV (Great Saphenous Vein), AASV (Anterior Accessory Saphenous Veins) and SSV (Small Saphenous Vein). It entails the use of laser energy to contract and seal the sick vein.Meanwhile, call the leading spider vein center in your area and ask for more details about this option.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation – Also a minimally invasive vein treatment procedure, RFA is not as popular as EVLA. It was discovered before Endovenous Laser Ablation, though. RFA is also called the Keyhole surgery and it uses heat to damage a varicose vein and seal it from its inner side. A good varicose vein center should perform a Radiofrequency Ablation procedure safely and successfully, if it picks it as the most appropriate treatment method for you.
  • Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy – This technique is highly effective in treating small varicose veins and spider veins. Any spider vein center can offer it to you, as it is one of the earliest therapies. A certain liquid is often injected into the ailing vein where it kills the cells within it. This causes inflammation that makes the vein tough when touched.  After several months pass, however, the treated vein will be absorbed by your body. Sclerotherapy leaves behind a small scar.  And if not done carefully, a blood clot could result. That is, a vein with blood should not be injected with a sclerosing agent because it will attack the vein wall and the blood. This will cause a clot that is known as a sclerothrombus. That’s why we would advise anyone to look for the best vein doctor and the most reputable varicose vein center. 
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy – This refers to a phlebectomy procedure that can be done under local anaesthesia. Phlebectomy refers to the removal of surface varicose veins rather than truncal veins that are buried deeper into the skin layers. As ambulatory phlebectomy cannot work on its own, a reputable spider vein center combines it with EVLA, RFA or pelvic embolisation. A doctor first marks the veins that needs treatment as varicose veins tend to disappear when a patient lies on the operating table. Next, they inject the affected area with the local anesthetic to trigger a numbing sensation that will eliminate pain. Third, the best vein doctor will begin the vein phlebectomy treatment by making two small incisions where they made the marks. The cutting process will not hurt at all, as well as the process of pulling up the vein through the skin with a fine hook. After this, small and accurate mosquito clips will be used to hold and gradually remove the vein via the small incisions. While a small pulling sensation may be felt, there is no pain. The last step involves closing the tiny incisions with a sticky tape. Unlike the stripping surgery technique, no varicose vein center would suture the incisions as taping is adequate. 
  • Microsclerotherapy – This technique is hardly used to remove varicose veins. Instead, it is used to treat spider veins, also called thread veins. All thread veins that are beneath your heart can be cured via microsclerotherapy. Just like the ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, a doctor at the top spider vein center will inject the veins with a liquid that will destroy them. 
  • Pelvic Vein Embolisation – This varicose veins treatment option is designed for patients who have abnormal leg veins and more. Anyone suffering from vulval or vaginal varicose veins can be treated via PVE. Additionally, the technique helps those with a pelvic congestion syndrome. During this medical procedure, a catheter is positioned into the affected vein via the guide of an X-ray. 
  • A vein stripping surgery is invasive and more damaging that the rest of the techniques we have discussed above. Unless surgery is really necessary, there is no varicose vein center that will recommend it prior to trying other methods. As well as the afore-mentioned tricks, there is also the VenaSeal(TM) varicose vein treatment that is commonly called the “superglue” treatment. This has not been around for long, unlike the EVLA, sclerotherapy and RFA. 

Picking your best vein doctor

To get successful results from any of the aforesaid varicose vein treatments, you need a good varicose vein centre and specialist. It is possible to select a great vein specialist who works in a poorly equipped vein clinic. So, we would ask you to pay attention when selecting the right clinic and doctor. While there are other doctors who can try to treat your ailing veins, they can do a bad job because of lack of proper training in the area of vein and blood vessels conditions. 

Thus, you should go for the best vein doctor in your area. This is someone who has basic medical training as well as extra years of training in vein and blood vessels conditions. A well-trained and competent vein expert will be able to manage your pain without causing new problems. A vascular specialist who satisfies the following three conditions is the best pick. 

  • Years of expertise – Experience is everything when one is looking for the right varices and spider vein center and doctor. A vascular specialist is a surgeon like any other and boasts deep understanding of issues that attack our veins. They also know how to manage vein pain using any treatment approach. Thus, as you select the best vein doctor, consider reading their reviews and testimonials online. These will help you know the number of cases they have successfully treated in the past. If several patients were happy with the outcome, chances are that you will be happy as well.
  • Board-certified – Any person can claim to be the most trustworthy vein specialist. Before you believe anyone, take the time to find out their education background, career background and whether they are certified doctors.  The strict standards of the American College of Phlebology are not met by every spider vein center doctor. Thus, if you meet a specialist who has surpassed the ACP’s standards, know that you are done searching. In addition to this certification, a great vascular doctor is associated with a renowned varicose vein center and is recommended by other medical associations. 
  • A caring personality – The only way to know whether the doctor that your spider vein center will assign your case to has a good character is to call them. Talking to them face to face is even better, as you will know whether the two of you can get a along well. It is extremely essential to meet a physician who is polite, caring and dedicated to their work. Whether you have a few or several veins to treat, you need a vein specialist with a pleasant personality. A vascular surgeon and vascular interventional radiologist have the most dependable training and expertise concerning our complex vascular anatomies. 

Where to find the best vein doctor

Now you know how to locate the right varicose vein center and specialist. Next, you want to know where you can find them quickly and successfully. In this digital age, the quickest way to locate or buy something is via the internet. For instance, you can open a directory like Yelp and read vascular doctors’ reviews. There also related blogs, forums and social media pages that contain awesome information about vein doctors. You can also use these pages to ask other members about their favourite vascular doctors and top varicose vein center. 

Note also that some websites provide a vein doctor look up tool. Besides the internet, you can solicit advice from your friends, relatives, and co-workers. Asking around is imperative, as you never know who has been to a great spider vein center before. After creating a list of possible candidates, ask each one of them to provide contacts of at least 2 patients they have treated previously. Drop the doctors who will not agree to this and screen the rest. 

Why choose Dr. Michael Nguyen, M.D?

The first reason is that Dr. Michael is one of the most educated, knowledgeable and experienced vein doctors in the U.S. He tackles pain medicine and venous disease at his varicose veins center. He is among the most reputable vascular specialists who have treated numerous patients. A doctor at the Vein Institute and Pain Centers of America, Dr. M. Nguyen, M.D, also works for Medtronic where he helps to create and implement strategies and design technology to enhance venous disease medical care. 

A doctor who is certified twice in venous and lymphatic medicine and Interventional pain, Dr. Nguyen is really the best choice for anyone suffering from vein disorders. He got his residency training and fellowship training at Harvard Medical School, one of the most prestigious medical schools. Also a multiple award winner, Dr. Michael Nguyen, M.D boasts years of experience and is featured on TV, print media and medical literature. Thus, you should get in touch with him through the varicose veins center he works for.

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