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Varicose veins are a problem that affects both men and women and one that leads many of them to a spider vein doctor upper east side center to seek medical intervention. Statistics disclose that women are more affected than men; females are at least two times more likely to develop varicose veins than their male counterparts. About fifty to fifty-five percent of females and forty to forty-five percent of males in the U.S have a vein condition. Additionally, around half of men and women over fifty years old have varicose veins.  Females’ vein problems can begin during their reproductive years due to pregnancies and then continue to worsen after menopause due to hormonal imbalances. While varicosities are more visible on people who are light skinned, it is an aesthetic problem to every victim. The right thing to do is to visit a spider vein doctor upper east side center before your varices worsen.

What does it mean to have varicose veins?

Varicose veins, varices or varicosities refer to a condition where your veins enlarge, twist and change color. Varices are normally blue or purple and have a twisted rope-like appearance. Some can be large easily detectable and quicker to treat at the best spider vein doctor upper east side center while others can be small, undetectable and less bothersome. Furthermore, varices can be there without your knowledge, yes, but it does not mean that the underlying disease is not progressing. This disease is referred to as venous reflux (other names are venous insufficiency or venous disease) and it is one of those that vascular specialist at the spider vein doctor upper east side center treat each day.

A venous reflux disease occurs when there are faulty valves in your leg veins. It means that these valves don’t close completely when blood is flowing back to the heart from your legs. Therefore, some of this blood leaks and flows back to the legs where it starts pooling. Due to increased pressure on vein walls, the vein starts to swell and become visible on the surface of skin. Varicose veins and spider veins are superficial veins, although the former aren’t as easy to access as the tinier spider veins (also thread veins or sunburst veins). If venous disease is not discovered early and cured by the best midtown varicose vein doctor, it will keep on damaging the veins. 

And when varices begin to hurt and disturb a person’s daily life, it becomes a health problem that must be eliminated. There is ready help for victims offered by the best spider vein doctor upper east side center near you. While there you will be informed that varices are not a life sentence, as there are ways to treat existing ones and prevent others from forming. Treatments offered by the leading midtown varicose vein doctor  in the U.S can range from injections to minimally invasive catheter or laser guided techniques to vein stripping surgery. The right treatment method will be picked after your doctor carries out the right diagnosis. 

Can I live with varicose veins?

While some people ignore going to a veins treatment center when their engorged veins do not hurt, the underlying disease keeps on growing. As a consequence, they will have to seek help one day and by then, severe symptoms will have formed. There are cases where the swollen varicose veins can rupture and trigger other complications like venous ulcers, which are open sores that form on the skin. Moreover, your ankles and legs can swell and make it so hard to comfortably sleep, work, walk and exercise. By postponing going to the finest midtown varicose vein doctor , you are risking severe symptoms in future, including fatigue, cramps, restlessness, itch and pain. Some people even get blood clots and skin thickening and staining. Instead of taking such a huge risk, it would be best to visit a suitable spider vein doctor upper east side center and seek medical help as soon as today. 

Are there natural remedies for varicose veins?

The Journal of the American Medical Association that was published in a 2012 report, varicose veins treatment can be approached in several different ways, including conservative ones. Another earlier version that was published in 2007, The journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, found that varicose veins surgeries result nerve injuries and that over 50 percent of patients will have suffer a recurrence in a decade’s time. Whether you decide to try natural or conventional cures before surgery at the right veins treatment center or not, the important thing is to eliminate the underlying disease that is causing varicosities and/or symptoms. 

Trying natural cures is great because all of them have no side effects and you don’t need serious recovery period. One thing is for sure though; the disease in your veins that has caused valve damage cannot be eliminated with natural methods alone. You must seek genuine help from a spider vein doctor upper east side center and then combine medical-based methods and natural methods of healing varicose veins. While natural methods can reduce blood pooling in veins, as well as improving your skin appearances, they cannot address the real cause of pain. Natural methods may be inexpensive when compared to medical based techniques. These organic veins treatment methods entail the following: 

Exercise – There are specific exercises you can do to improve your varicose veins appearance and overall body fitness and many spider vein doctor upper east side center doctors will recommend it . Exercises like walking can reduce strain that is felt in legs and so it can get rid of the swelling problem. People with varicosities tend to have swollen ankles by the time the day is over. This is particularly those professionals who work while standing or seated for long hours. If you are a nurse, teacher or computer user, it is vital to find a way to exercise. Do not underrate those simple exercises done at workplaces, such as climbing up and walking down a staircase or stretching out every thirty minutes. They can mean a lot as far as reducing the discomfort caused by your varicose veins. Exercises would also improve blood flow and lower inflammation. When you have time out of work, ride a bicycle, go swim, jog, jump a rope or go to the gym and try strength and training exercises. There will mostly be pain when you are starting out, but don’t stop. In deed, go to a midtown varicose vein doctor  in your state and ask your vein doctor to recommend a suitable physical therapist who can teach you how to exercise for varicose veins. 

  1. Posture – As well as exercising, you must look into posture as it is one of those problems that bring about varicosities. For instance, when seated don’t cross your legs because this is a poor posture for people with varicose veins. If you must stand for hours when working, try altering this posture by walking around every few minutes to prevent more blood from pooling in veins. If you notice that your varices are increasing and you stand in one place for hours, it is the right time to change your posture.
  2. Try to lose excess weight through diet – Being obese is bad for someone who has varicose veins. Even when you visit a midtown varicose vein doctor , your specialist will most likely discuss ways to cut your weight. If you live a sedentary life, it’s the right time to revive yourself by buying a gym membership or making a stern decision to start an exercise routine. Besides working out, it is best to watch your eating style in terms of food choices and amounts. There are several weight loss techniques online that you can read and put into practice.  Once you lost weight, continue to exercise so as to maintain your good results. This is because excess weight exerts a lot of pressure on your saphenous veins in legs. Besides, when you are chubby, varicose veins can be hard to detect even if you have pain that is associated with them. 

However, there are certain foods that are widely known to reduce inflammation in our bodies as well as improving our blood circulation. So, if you eat food that is high in caffeine, sugar, alcohol or trans-fats, ensure that you switch to better food choices. Otherwise, you will not only risk having more circulatory problems in your veins but also arterial damage, blood pressure problems, weight gain and hormonal imbalances. Avoid also a high-sodium diet as it will dehydrate your body and contains toxins that could make your leg veins swell more than they have. If possible, ensure that you eat a high-fiber diet including foods like vegetables to reduce constipation and bloating issues.

These two problems can increase pressure on veins that are around the abdomen and legs and at that point you will need to see midtown varicose vein doctor . As well eat anti-inflammatory foods like chia seeds and flaxseeds, along with fresh fruits, legumes and organic grains. Antioxidant foods are great too, as they contain flavonoids that help to strengthen your veins, stop inflammation and enhance arterials health. These include vitamin C and vitamin E as the former boasts anti-inflammatory and skin health benefits while the latter prevents blood clots and acts like a blood thinner. 

Magnesium foods can prevent blood pooling in veins, reduce blood pressure issues, and prevent restless leg syndrome due to cramps. When you have a magnesium or potassium deficiency you can tell. So, eat foods like avocados, bananas, dark vegetables, sweet potatoes and cruciferous greens.  As well, go to a midtown varicose vein doctor  and ask the doctor to recommend a reliable nutritionist who can help you improve your diet.

Spicy foods are also good for your vein health and cayenne pepper or curry is some of the best spices to start consuming. They are known to improve blood circulation, control weight and heat up your body. You also need natural diuretics and not necessary in the form of pills provided at the varicose vein center. Foods that will naturally reduce water retention and swelling as well as increase your urination sessions include herbs like parsley, basil and cilantro as well as dandelion greens, cucumber, asparagus, fennel and celery.  

Wild-caught fish like salmon, anchovies, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are perfect sources of omega-3 fatty acids that can boost your blood flow and circulation. Apple cider vinegar is known to enhance blood circulation in the vein walls and has anti-inflammatory effects. When used along with witch hazel, ACV can reduce varicose veins swelling and alter their bad appearance in a matter of weeks.  

  1. Balance your body hormones – There are several different ways of solving hormonal imbalances and lowering inflammation without prescriptions. One of the best known tricks is the use of an essential oil like cypress oil. This in particular will improve blood circulation when massaged on the problematic veins. Rubbing five drops like two times a day for many weeks will make a big difference. Diluted peppermint oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil will also help balance your hormones and increase your blood flow when used daily in small doses. 
  2. Wear medical-grade compression stockings – If you strain so much during work, chances are that you will develop varicose veins in the near future. This is particularly if your ankles swell every day after work and you already feel pain and can probably see small varicose veins. Medical-grade stockings are available at a reputable midtown varicose vein doctor  near you. Don’t buy just any stockings as you might get ones that are not fit for you vein problems. Instead, call the nearest spider vein doctor upper east side center near you, set up an appointment with a vein specialist and request them to provide suitable compression stockings for you. 

Seek medical help from a veins treatment center near you

It is likely that the above-mentioned natural remedies will reduce your level of discomfort and improve you quality of life. However, they will not heal the venous reflux disease that is damaging your veins. You need to visit a midtown varicose vein doctor  near you and see a well trained vein specialist who will examine your varicose veins and detect the far they have affected your veins. If there is too much damage, your specialist will determine the right way to treat you medically. In case your varices are small and less pronounce, your spider vein doctor upper east side center specialist might use sclerotherapy technique to cure you. This entails an injection with a sclerosing agent that damages and seals the affected varicose veins. But, if your varices are serious, your doctor might try endovenous therapies on you. These include endovenous laser ablation and endovenous radiofrequency ablation. If these don’t help, your midtown varicose vein doctor  might decide to use a combination of two therapies or carry out a vein stripping surgery. 

Final thoughts

If you have varicose veins, we want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, there are several treatment approaches that exist and can help you cure your varices. As well as getting help from the top varicose vein center, we would also urge you to practice natural varicose veins cures we aforementioned. Eventually you will receive excellent results and will not know how well to thank your midtown varicose vein doctor.

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