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What is the best varicose vein removal procedure?

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What is the best varicose vein removal procedure?

Those varicose veins on your legs can be unsightly, and they also be causing you lot of pain. If you have decided to get them removed, you will probably be looking around for the best procedures for varicose vein removal. Everyone from your grandma to the lady who got hers removed last year from the hotshot vein specialist will have opinions (and possibly radically different ones) on what the best procedure is for varicose vein removal. So how do you decide which way to go?

The truth is, to figure out which procedure would suit you best, you need to understand what actually causes your varicose veins. If you can find a way to fix the cause painlessly… well, goodbye, varicose veins!

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What causes varicose veins

Varicose veins are caused when the valves in your leg veins (usually a vein called the ‘saphenous vein’) become defective. The top of your leg vein is equipped with tiny valves, whose job is to remain shut when the blood passes upwards through them, towards the heart. Staying shut prevents the blood from falling back into the leg. When these valves fail, blood pools in the leg, and puts pressure on the vein walls, causing them to expand and bulge outward. The increased fluid in the legs due to excess blood) also causes throbbing, aching feet and swollen ankles that you come to associate with varicose veins. The best course of treatment would therefore be to remove the affected veins with the faulty valves. Once it is gone, blood will find a way to your heart through other, healthier veins… and problem solved!

Are you nervous about getting your varicose veins removed? We take you through the most comfortable, minimally invasive varicose vein removal procedure options that are available today.

So… does varicose vein removal involve a surgical procedure?

Not necessarily! In earlier days, the only way to get of varicose veins was to get them surgically removed – a procedure called vein stripping (or ambulatory phlebectomy). Now, however, several minimally invasive procedures have been developed, which basically involve sealing off the vein from blood circulation. Once blood stops flowing through the vein, the vein becomes defunct, and the body eventually digests it over time. So this achieves the same purpose as a surgical procedure for varicose veins. This can be done through any one of the procedures that are described below:

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
This is one of the commonest vein procedures carried out by vein doctors in New York and New Jersey. The vein specialist will numb the area over the vein, and creates a tiny nick to expose the defective vein. A radiofrequency catheter is gently inserted into the vein. When activated, the catheter delivers heat within the vein, which literally causes the vein walls to melt and stick together. This seals the vein off from circulation.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)
This is almost exactly similar to the RFA. The only difference is that instead of a radiofrequency catheter, a laser fiber is inserted within the vein, which basically does the same thing. Vein doctors in New Jersey and New York may prefer RFA though; it causes less discomfort during the procedure.

There are probably some of you who wish to avoid even that numbing injection and tiny nick (which is totally understandable! This state of the art procedure is made for you. In VenaSeal, the vein doctors directly locate your defective vein (aided by imaging) and insert a small needle directly into the vein (no incisions!) Through this needle, small drops of medicated glue are dropped through the length of your vein, which helps seal it off.

This is another cutting edge procedure that extremely minimally invasive, and again avoids nicks and numbing injections. Under imaging guidance, a miniscule catheter is inserted into your vein. This catheter contains sclerosing agent, a medical solution that’s designed to mildly irritate your veins, causing the walls to stick together.  Once within the vein, the catheter rotates at high speed, ensuring that the solution gets dispersed in all directions within the vein. This will ensure that the entire vein gets sticky and seals off.

This is meant for really small veins that are closer to the skin surface, possibly those that get left behind when your larger varicose veins have already been treated. The sclerosing solution is directly injected into these veins to seal them off.

This is also similar to sclerotherapy, and is meant for slightly larger residual veins. Instead of a sclerosing agent, medicated foam is injected into the vein, which achieves the same purpose of causing the vein walls to stick together and seal off.

All the above procedures are minimally invasive and require almost no recovery time. Choosing one among the above procedures is something that is best done after consulting with a varicose vein doctor. Of course, you will need to choose a varicose vein clinic that offers all the above procedures, and a vein doctor that you would be comfortable with.

Where can I get my varicose vein removal procedure done?

The Vein Treatment Clinics are a group of contemporary cutting edge vein treatment centers that offer all the above state of the art treatment for varicose veins, at the hands of some of the most skilled vein specialists in the country. VTC is associated with ivy-league trained, board certified vein specialists who are chosen based on merit, and have had years of experience in dealing with complex vein problems.  Our varicose vein doctors will work with you to get rid of your varicose vein problems and improve your quality of life.

VTC is part of VIP Medical Group, a medical concern that aims at eliminating vein diseases and painful conditions. VTC is conveniently located in several parts of the country, including New York, New Jersey and San Diego. Choose a location that suits you – and give us a call today!

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What is the best varicose vein removal procedure?VTC