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Varicose veins are a common phenomenon. These are large, twisted veins that look like ropes. They may have a blue or a dark purple color, meaning that they are easily detectable. Alternatively known as varices or varicosities, varicose veins tend to affect the legs and feet. Their bulgy, lumpy and twisty appearance makes them more embarrassing than other abnormal leg veins–spider veins and reticular veins. One thing you should know prior to seeking varicose vein treatment San Diego is that some of these veins don’t swell at all.

Hence, they don’t bulge to the surface of your skin and you can hardly tell they exist deeper in your legs. All the same, a few people do experience pain and other symptoms for some months without ever knowing the real cause.

That is why we recommend visiting a vein specialist San Diego clinic as he or she can diagnose the true cause of your pain. About the pain triggered by varicose veins, you can expect it to be the burning kind. It can worsen if your superficial varicose veins burst and leak due to physical trauma.

When you must act

If you notice some common varicose veins symptoms, make sure you go to the best varicose vein treatment San Diego clinic. Symptoms of spider veins and varicose veins tend to worsen in summer. During the warm weather, you will most likely feel itchy and be tempted to scratch your legs. Itch may be accompanied by pain, causing immense discomfort. When you really need to act, varicose veins will display these other symptoms:

  • Muscle cramps mostly at night
  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Skin discoloration
  • Fatigue or heaviness in legs
  • Throbbing or burning sensations

As well as during the warm weather, symptoms of varices tend to become worse later in the evening or after taking rest from standing up or remaining seated for hours. Have you noticed the above-mentioned symptoms? If so, get in touch with your varicose vein specialist San Diego today.

Why all the pain?

Pain, as all can agree, can be so devastating. When it becomes chronic, it can make a jovial person stressed out, moody and unhappy. So, pain due to varicosities should be addressed through the top varicose vein treatment San Diego medical doctors, including Dr. Billy Schoenfeld. As varices are a frequent cause of leg pain, they should be diagnosed and treated at a leading sclerotherapy San Diego treatment center. According to those living with varicose veins, they trigger a deep ache that can also be described as heaviness.

Some sufferers have persistent pain while others have an ache that comes and goes. If varicosities become inflamed, blood clots may form and cause a lot of pain. This is usually called phlebitis and it is marked by signs such as hardness, heat, pain and discoloration. When an abnormal leg vein bursts, blood can gather around the sick area, causing toxins and pressure from building up. There are times when ulcers could form, as well as a skin tear, resulting to extreme pain.

Health complications that might worsen varicose vein pain

There are other health issues that might complicate your varicosities. These include the following:

  • Lymphedema – Unless you undertake varicose veins treatment San Diego the soonest possible, lymphedema may occur. This is a condition that results when varicose veins damage the lymphatic system. This is a network of blood vessels that carry and get rid of our bodies’ waste products and toxins. When the lymphatic system is performing well, our immune system is excellent too. When lymphedema results, the victim’s feet and toes begin to swell. This can be accompanied by a severe skin infection called cellulitis. It makes the soft skin tissues inflamed. Some people also develop a different condition called venous stasis dermatitis. In such a situation, the skin tends to brown and become fibrous. Additionally, stasis dermatitis can make the skin ooze a clear-yellow fluid.
  • Superficial thrombophlebitis –This refers to the inflammation and clotting of blood in a vein. This sort of blood clot is called superficial thrombosis because it is near the skin surface. It is a painful varicose vein complication that might trigger different issues in the sick area.
  • Dermatitis – This type of rash tends to be itchy and inflamed and can be caused by other things and varicose veins. If it occurs due to these veins, the rash will appear on your lower legs or ankles. Dermatitis is bad because it can cause you to bleed and develop painful sores or ulcers when you scratch yourself. The best way out is to seek sclerotherapy San Diego treatment service that can be helpful.

How are varicosities diagnosed by the best vein specialist San Diego?

To find out what is ailing your leg veins, an excellent sclerotherapy San Diego doctor will carry out an ultrasound test. It will show them exactly how the inside of your varices look like. As well as this, they will carry out a physical observation test.

Treatment procedures – What is sclerotherapy?

If you want to treat your varicose veins, then you better look into sclerotherapy San Diego services. Sclerotherapy is a kind of cure where the specialist injects a saline solution into the problematic vein. This solution can also be a chemical solution that is capable of shrinking and collapsing the veins. While the procedure works best when treating the tinier spider veins, the current foam sclerotherapy procedure is being used as a cure for large varicose veins.

As well as being non-surgical, sclerotherapy comes in several different forms, explaining why larger abnormal leg veins can be cured. As long as the sclerosant solution is potent enough, the veins will collapse and disappear in no time at all. A technique that has been in use since 1800s, sclerotherapy is so common. The only difference is that past techniques are now advanced and dependable. The procedure has greatly advanced in the past few decades.

What you can cure with sclerotherapy

With this varicose vein treatment San Diego option, you can reduce the appearance and signs of your varicosities. It is the best cure for spider veins and some varicose veins. By reducing the size of your varicose veins, sclerotherapy minimizes the effects of vein damage. This makes these abnormal leg veins less visible and less bothersome. Prior to offering sclerotherapy San Diego service, a vascular expert should think about every condition that might ail your veins. These include:

  • Chronic vein insufficiency- This condition leads to varicose veins that are harder to heal. So the faster you get in touch with a sclerotherapy San Diego doctor, the better for you.
  • Hemorrhoids – Sclerotherapy will only be offered if the blood vessel close to the rectum swells and becomes inflamed, resulting to pain and discomfort when having a bowel movement.
  • Malformed lymph vessels – These vessels tend to support our body’s immune system, letting it fight infections.
  • Hydroceles – This is when some fluid develops in a body cavity, especially the testicles.

When sclerotherapy is important

It is not necessary for everyone suffering from spider veins to undergo sclerotherapy San Diego therapy. Before it is carried out, the options should be discussed with the doctor to see if there is anything else that can be tried.

There are choices that cost less and do not require the skin to be broken. It is possible that no treatment will be needed for cases of haemorrhoids, as a change of diet and toilet habits can lead to an improvement.

Sclerotherapy San Diego is a good choice to treat spider veins when: –

  • Pain comes from the veins
  • The legs are painful and heavy
  • Patchy and dry skin appears on the legs
  • Rashes appear near to the affected veins.

What can be expected from sclerotherapy San Diego

This varicose vein treatment San Diego service does not require a hospital visit, but it can be carried out in a dermatologists’ office. A vein specialist San Diego will need to approve the use of sclerotherapy and spider veins are ideally treated this way. There is no need for you to be anaesthetized and there is little that needs to be done beforehand.

You will be told not to use certain lotions and cosmetic oils before varicose vein treatment San Diego. The legs will have to be raised during the process. The area is cleaned then a small needle is put into the vein. There will be a small pinching sensation, but nothing else. There may then be a burning feeling as the irritating solution enters the vein.

The area will then be massaged to ensure that the vein is empty. Compression stockings will be required and should be worn for a while after varicose vein treatment San Diego. Most of the time, there will need to be a repetition to ensure the vein is fully collapsed. Several treatments could be needed in all. Activity afterwards is important as this will prevent the formation of blood clots. The area also should not be exposed to the sun as this could lead to the skin on the area becoming darker. Recovery from sclerotherapy San Diego is normally easy, although some people may notice bruises and a little soreness.

Risks of Sclerotherapy San Diego

There are a few risks and just a small chance that it will not work. Surgery would be much more dangerous, of course, requiring invasion and anaesthesia. Up to 90% of spider veins can be removed over a few treatments. In the few cases that fail, there are other types of varicose vein treatment San Diego – usually surgery – that can be undertaken.

The things that patients tend to mention are the bruises and skin discoloration as well as some pain at the site of the injection. If additional blood vessels seem to appear branching out from the vein, they will not be there for long after varicose vein treatment San Diego.

The irritation solution may cause an allergic reaction, although this is rare. Headaches and nausea have been blamed on air bubbles that have entered the bloodstream. More serious issues are blood clots and while rare, can be dangerous if they form. There is a risk of death if the blood clot is not dispersed as if it moves around the body, it can lead to an embolism. There are times when there should be emergency varicose vein treatment San Diego sought, and this is if there are problems breathing or feeling dizziness or pains in the chest after sclerotherapy is formed.

Insurance payments and costs of varicose vein treatment San Diego

There will only be an insurance payment made if it can be proved that there are medical rather than cosmetic reasons for the procedure to take place. It is also likely that there will be requests for other procedures to be performed first. Many companies will suggest cryotherapy, which will freeze the veins to stop them accepting blood rather than sclerotherapy San Diego.

There are times when sclerotherapy is covered by insurance. That is when it is for haemorrhoids. It is accepted that this will only be carried out for medical reasons. Your doctor will need to get involved to explain why this is the best or the safest form of treatment needed. This is not always the case with varicose vein treatment San Diego.

Sclerotherapy Alternatives

Laser ablation therapy can be used to deal with varicose veins. There are also personal changes that can lead to the option of leaving the veins as they are. They still need to be monitored and procedures can be carried out at a later date if necessary.

You may be required to change certain things about your life before you become eligible for treatment. They can include:

  • vein freezing – otherwise known as cryotherapy
  • lasers being used to make the veins fade
  • heating the damaged vein in a treatment known as vein ablation
  • The more severe cases can lead to an operation to take out the veins.

Sclerotherapy San Diego is classed as a minor procedure and the results are good as it usually works and does not often leave problems behind. It is still important that there is a thorough discussion with the doctor. And if there are still concerns, find another doctor like Dr. Billy Schoenfeld to talk it through with. Make sure beforehand what is covered by your insurers and what is not.

Preventing varicose veins

It is not considered possible to stop the veins forming, although lifestyle changes can slow down the process and make the symptoms less of a problem. Methods that can help include:

  • Not sitting down or being on your feet for too long
  • Being mobile at least in 30minute intervals
  • Lifting the legs when possible and sleeping with them raised
  • Exercising in a way that will give you good circulation
  • Keeping at a sensible weight for your height
  • Wearing loose clothes that will not interfere with the blood flow
  • Keep wearing high heels to a minimum

With the tips shared in this article, we believe that you will be able to access the right varicose veins help today.

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