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The importance of choosing the right vein clinic in NYC

If you are reading this article, you probably already have varicose veins. Aching feet, swollen ankles and bulging veins in your legs aren’t exactly fun to live with, but most of us keep putting treatment off out of anxiety, or lack of time. Varicose veins can’t be ignored, however – their presence signals a deeper problem called chronic venous insufficiency. This is a condition where the vein valves in your legs are damaged, and this prevents blood from flowing efficiently back to your heart. The excess blood increases pressure on the vein walls, causing them to bulge out. To treat this, you need to stop the blood from flowing through your vein by sealing it off or removing it altogether. Once that is done, your now-defunct vein will slowly get absorbed by the body and disappear. But where can you get this done?

Choosing a vein clinic can be a long, tedious process, especially for someone who is already slightly nervous about having to undergo vein treatment.  However, vein treatment today no longer involves painful surgical options. Current treatment can be as quick and comfortable as getting some dental work done. The right vein clinic in NYC should be able to offer you minimally invasive treatment options, in a manner that is pain-free, quick and convenient for you.

Varicose veins need to be treated correctly to prevent complications. We tell you why choosing the right vein clinic in NYC is important – and how to do it.

Vein clinic in NYC – What to look for

Focus on vein treatment

A clinic that focuses only on vein treatment is bound to have the right equipment and expertise. If you choose an exclusive spider and varicose vein clinic, you will be reassured that they have probably performed the same treatment thousands of times on a lot of people before you.

State of the art procedures

The ideal vein center should be able to offer you the most advanced procedures that are available today. This is important, because the more advanced the procedures, the less invasive they are. Modern minimally invasive procedures also require very little down time, so you can get back to work the same day!

Skilled and experienced vein doctors

It is important to choose vein doctors who are adequately trained in vein medicine, and who have had adequate experience in treating veins and performing vein treatment procedures.

Treatment for varicose and spider veins at the vein clinic in NYC

The New York City Vein Treatment Center, a pioneer among New York City vein clinics, meets all the above criteria and is the ideal place to sort out problems caused by venous diseases. All procedures carried out here are up-to-date, minimally invasive and require practically no recovery time. Our three top vein doctors in NY, Dr. Michael Nguyen, Dr. Namrata Khimani and Dr. Juan Montoya are Ivy-league trained and double board certified. They are all recognized experts in the field of vein medicine.

At your initial consultation, our top vein doctors will assess your medical history and examine your veins. You may require an ultrasound, which will help determine whether or not you have chronic venous insufficiency. If you do have it, your vein doctor will then put together a treatment plan that is ideal for you. This may include one or more of the following procedures:

1. Radiofrequency ablation

For this procedure, you will require some local anesthetic to numb your leg. The vein doctor makes a small nick in your leg to expose the defective vein, and inserts a radiofrequency catheter into it. Once the catheter is activated, it heats up from within, which causes the vein walls to scar and eventually seal itself off from blood circulation.

2. Endovenous laser ablation

This procedure is almost identical to radiofrequency ablation, but is associated with slightly more discomfort during the actual procedure, due to concentrated laser energy.  Instead of a catheter, a laser fiber is inserted into the vein, which is the source of laser energy that destroys the vein. Both RFA and EVLA have comparable results.

3. Venaseal

If you’re scared of those anesthetic needles, this is a great solution! This is a less invasive option that uses imaging guidance to advance a catheter directly your vein (no skin nicks!). Medicated glue is then applied through this catheter throughout the length of the vein. This seals it off from blood circulation.

4. Clarivein

Another revolutionary method that avoids injections and incisions, this also uses ultrasound imaging guidance. Instead of glue, a miniscule is inserted into the vein. This contains sclerosing agent, a medicated solution that causes vein scarring. The catheter can start to rotate once within the vein, which allows distribution of the sclerosing agent in all directions, and throughout the length of the vein. This allows the vein to scar and seal off.

5. Sclerotherapy

This technique is meant for smaller varicose veins and spider veins. The sclerosing agent is directly injected into the vein through a syringe. This is used as a ‘finish up’ after one of the above procedures has been carried out, to seal off smaller residual veins.

6. Varithena

This is similar to sclerotherapy, but is employed for slightly larger residual veins. This technique involves injecting special medicated foam into the defective vein, which allows the vein to scar and seal off.

Most of the above varicose vein treatments are covered by insurance. The NYC Vein Treatment Center accepts all major insurances, including Medicare. Our staff can help you sort out issues related to your policy, and advise you accordingly.

The NYC Vein Treatment Center is one among the several exemplary vein treatment centers under the VIP Medical Group. This group associates with leading vein doctors in New York, New Jersey and San Diego. . You can schedule a consultation with any one of them at our vein treatment clinics at one of these locations. Give us a call today!

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