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There are various options for varicose vein treatment that are save, new, and considered advanced technology. However, how do you know who can safely perform these treatments to your varicose veins? Should a specialized doctor see me and which specialty?

Vein Specialist Doctor

You might be presenting signs and symptoms like varicose vein, leg swelling, leg pain, or leg cramps or even more changes. It is important that you are evaluated by a vein specialist doctor. Vein specialist doctor is one who is Board Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. Find a doctor who you can trust!

Your underlying venous system could be presenting venous reflux. A vein expert can treat this sometimes hidden process called venous reflux as well as the varicose vein that is visible right in the surface of the skin.

The ultimate goal ofBoard Certified Vein Specialists Dr. Michael Nguyen and Dr. Faisal Siddiqi is to not only treat, but to prevent progressive symptoms and future complications using advanced technology to treat chronic venous insufficiency in New York and New Jersey area.

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