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It might seem just a matter of how the look affects us or just trying to ignore the reality of an everyday discomfort that can’t be explained and doesn’t go away.

The tiring and heavy feeling can grow old with us as part of our daily routine for years. But Top Vein Specialist Michael Nguyen of New York explains why taking care of varicose veins right now, matters? What could these tortuous and dilated veins do to us besides the discomfort that we can see or sometimes can’t even see?

The Consequence

Varicose veins could be showing because a treatable medical condition is present: Venous Reflux. Most of the time there are varicose present that we can’t even see without ultrasound imaging.

Only Vein Specialists can really take care of the problem. Top vein doctors in New York and New Jersey explain that treating the medical condition can help us obtain relieve, and prevent complications like ulcers and blood clots for the time being and for the future.

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