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Varicose veins can be age related; however, not only getting older increases the risk for varicose veins. There are other risk factors as well. Varicose vein happen in a high percentage because of family history and genetics. Then, am I too young to be treated for varicose veins? How do I find out?

The Start

There are important details to pay attention to and they are called signs and symptoms of venous disease. There are also treatment options and conservative management available for handling the condition.

Most importantly if you see you become swollen and tender, you should seek medical advice. If in doubt alway seek medical advice first. Remember being informed is the best way to prevent the consequences!

Board Certified in Veins and expert of New York Dr. Michael Nguyen explains treatment options and management for vein disease he daily plans for patients of all ages that suffer from vein reflux or Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

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