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Legs have different health problems. One of the most prevalent and torturous in the U.S is venous insufficiency. It is a disease that affects legs veins and does not put your heart in danger. When this disease attacks veins, it triggers certain symptoms: spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers, blood clots, changes in skin texture and color, swelling, itching, cramping and more. The earliest symptoms include spider veins, heaviness in legs, pain, fatigue, cramping, swelling and itching. If you are experiencing these symptoms, call the best Kips Bay vein treatment clinic without hesitation.

By doing so, you can discover as whether you have abnormal leg veins or another health condition that affects veins. This means that a medical action can be taken now to prevent severe complications that are triggered by venous insufficiency. Besides causing you a lot of physical discomfort, abnormal leg veins can lower your self-esteem and make you self-conscious. By seeing a spider vein doctor in Kips Bay, your spider veins or varicose veins can be treated medically until they have all disappeared. This will restore your self confidence and relieve your pain and discomfort.

Understanding abnormal veins like spider veins

Prior to stopping over at the best vein treatment clinic Kips Bay, it’s necessary to try and understand your vein problem. It is possible that your leg veins are more visible but you have no idea why they have grown bigger. Two types of abnormal leg veins are rather common: spider veins and varicose veins. If you have spider veins (also called thread veins, telangiectasias or sunburst veins), then what you should be seeing are tiny blood vessels that are right beneath your skin surface and have formed a spider web pattern or a tree branch pattern. As well, thread veins are blue, red or purple and tend to affect a larger area of skin. While these abnormal veins are barely dangerous, they can hurt at times and are definitely ugly to look at.  Being very superficial, colorful veins, thread veins are easily detectable and should be eliminated by a competent vein doctor who works for the most renowned Kips Bay vein treatment clinic.

Varicose veins are need treatment, unlike thread veins, because they are triggered by a venous reflux problem within a vein. What’s more, varicose veins, varices or varicosities entail large, swollen veins that tend to have a winding appearance. They occur due to valves failure with a vein, a problem that causes some of the blood traveling back to the heart to leak and flow backwards. Then it pools in leg veins, putting extreme pressure on the vein walls. When varices are present, you are likely to feel heaviness in legs as well as extreme fatigue, pain and itching. Varicose veins should be seen by the top spider vein doctor in Kips Bay and treated as soon as possible to stop venous insufficiency from progressing. There are people who have bigger odds of developing thread veins and varicose veins.

First of all, pregnant women keep on adding weight to support the life of the growing fetus. While this is awesome, extra weight can exert a lot of pressure on leg veins and this can cause varicosities to develop. All women who take hormonal contraceptives are more prone to abnormal leg veins too, as these disrupt the way their hormones are designed to work. Men and women can also develop spider veins or varices because the problem runs in their families (it’s hereditary) or because they have to work while standing or sitting down for several hours. Living a sedentary lifestyle can make you add more weight and this can strain your leg veins, resulting to abnormal veins that must be seen by a well educated spider vein doctor in Kips Bay region.


These could also form due to serious leg trauma or the normal aging process. If you have any of the two or both, the right action to take right now is to call the most reputable vein treatment clinic Kips Bay and talk to a vein specialist. He or she will examine your leg vessels and determine the best way to treat you.

Evaluation at the best vein treatment clinic Kips Bay

Once you decide to seek help, take the time to pick the most dependable Kips Bay vein treatment clinic. After locating a clinic you can trust, call to make the first appointment with a competent vascular doctor like Dr. Michael Nguyen, MD. Then go to this Kips Bay vein treatment clinic when your doctor asks you to. Here is the simple, but thorough evaluation process at the doctor’s office.

  • Medical history – As others doctors do, you vascular doctor will first gather information prior to recommending a treatment approach for your vein disease. This is so that they can rule out other diseases that affect veins, especially the deep veins. As the top spider doctor in Kips Bay will ask you several questions, be ready to give complete answers. If there are other victims of spider veins or vascular veins in your family, inform your doctor. Talk about your lifestyle, current symptoms and any past treatments you might have been given at another Kips Bay vein treatment clinic. Additionally, tell your doctor about your pregnancies, weight problems, and any type of drugs you could be taking now.
  • Physical exam – The vascular specialist will examine your legs by observation and might take snapshots of your veins. While the doctor at the leading Kips Bay vein treatment clinic can discover abnormal leg veins through observation only, he or she will carry out medical tests. First of all, they will use a hand-held Doppler scanner to check for symptoms of venous reflux disease. The scanner looks like a stethoscope as the doctors at any given Kips Bay vein treatment clinic use it to listen to the sounds of your blood flow and to assess them.

Next, they will do a Duplex ultrasound test using a special type of gel that is smeared to the leg and then a probe is moved on top of your skin. This test is not invasive; it uses sound waves to make images of your venous system. Further, the test reveals your blood flow, helping your doctor decide the source of your reflux problem. With duplex ultrasound, the spider vein doctor in Kips Bay can correctly exclude other vein disorders. And if a positive diagnosis is made, your vein expert will move to the next step of deciding the type of treatment you should get.

Deciding on the right treatment plan

After carrying out the diagnosis process and finding out that you indeed have spider veins and/or varicose veins, your spider vein doctor in Kips Bay will design your treatment plan. As there are several ways to treat abnormal veins in legs, the Kips Bay vein treatment clinic physician and you will discuss each in details prior to picking the best picks. It might happen that the best strategy is a combination one, where two or more tricks will be used to eliminate your vein problem. In most cases, this strategy is used when one has severe varicose veins that cannot be treated with just one method.

As for treating spider veins, sclerotherapy is often enough to get rid of them because they are as tiny as blood capillaries. When discussing various treatments with your Kips Bay vein treatment clinic doctor, make sure that you ask several questions about each method. Ask about its benefits, pros and cons and level of effectiveness. Any Kips Bay vein treatment clinic can provide almost all varicose veins treatment options. However, it’s only a few that can be thorough, careful and dependable during the process. Ensure that your current spider vein doctor in Kips Bay is reputable, well-educated, experienced, courteous and meticulous.

If you doubt his or her abilities, find a vein treatment center Kips Bay area that is associated with Dr.Michael Nguyen’s vein treatment centers. This will be a prudent way to save money and time. When it comes to deciding the best treatment method, it will be necessary to understand that all techniques are aimed at destroying or removing the problematic veins. The rest of the healthier veins are left to carry out the work that the damaged or removed veins used to do. Even with this, the healthier veins will carry blood from the legs to the heart more efficiently. You have a network of veins in legs, so the destruction or removal of a number of them will not be tragic. The remaining ones will keep working effectively. No matter the treatment method you select, the goal will be the same— to improve your quality of life.

How a great Kips Bay vein treatment clinic will treat your spider veins

If your only trouble is spider veins, your spider vein doctor Kips Bay area will choose to offer you sclerotherapy injections. Although there is no need to treat your thread veins, I have them and I know they can cause pain. If yours are painful, then treating them via sclerotherapy will be a wise thing to do. This technique entails getting a shot with a sclerosing chemical that causes a blood vessel to close and collapse. As the main technique for treating spider veins, sclerotherapy is going to work. It is an outpatient therapy that targets thread veins and medium size varicose veins.

There can be up to three sessions though, if your spider veins cover an extensive area. The spider vein doctor in Kips Bay will use a fine needle to inject a sclerosing agent into the areas with dilated thread veins. Before this, he or she might test the reaction of your body towards the sclerosing agent by injecting a few veins. Relying on the reaction, he or she might adjust the amount of the sclerosing chemical. This agent will then cause inflammation within the vein that will in return cause vein walls to collapse and stick together. After the vein collapses, it will no longer do the task it was designed to do.

Instead, it will be reabsorbed by the body and the blood that used to flow through it will be re-routed to a healthier vein. On the day of treatment, the spider vein doctor in Kips Bay might ask you to avoid applying your lotion or cream to your leg skin. And if you are worried about feeling pain, chances are you will feel it after treatment at the injection sites. However, a mild stinging or burning sensation may be felt during the treatment process.

The recovery process

Once you have done sclerotherapy, the next obvious thing is recovery. Most people feel normal after undergoing the procedure at their preferred vein treatment clinic Kips Bay. They are able to work and run their errands just fine. However, bruising is a common side effect, although it is not severe as it can go away on its own. After twelve weeks, you might start noticing that most varicose veins or spider veins have disappeared. However, some abnormal veins might not disappear completely after the first treatment. Thus, you may not have a better choice than having them injected again.

Another issue is that blood may get stuck in a few thread veins and in this case, you may have to go back to the Kips Bay vein treatment clinic and have a vascular doctor remove this blood via a small hole. It is advisable to report any side effects that cannot seem to disappear and are making your life miserable.

Points to keep in mind

If you have medium to large varicose veins, your spider vein doctor in Kips Bay might decide to combine endovenous therapies with sclerotherapy. Endovenous therapies either use laser energy or radio frequency energy (radio waves) to treat abnormal leg veins. They are minimally invasive, have over 95 percent success rate and have fewer side effects than sclerotherapy. These are not used to treat small spider veins;though, they are designed for the removal of severe varicosities.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after treatment via sclerotherapy or endovenous therapy, you will need to wear compression stockings as well as a bandage or gauze at the injection or incision sites. Compression stockings are provided based on how severe your vein problem is as they have different strengths. Thus, your spider vein doctor in Kips Bay will provide just the right kind. As well as wearing these, it is important to elevate your legs, exercise by walking every day, avoid strenuous activities and hot baths and protect the treated areas from sun exposure. Finally, your vein treatment clinic Kips Bay will give you tips on how to recover without suffering an infection.

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