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When you first get a spider vein it is not going to look too bad, but as more appear you will realize that you are going to have to have them treated. Although there are some things you can do to delay them, it may not be possible to prevent them altogether. Spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment may be delayed if the veins are just developing. The main reasons you may develop spider veins includes:

  • Hereditary – If you parents have them then there is a good chance that you are going to develop them.
  • Standing for long periods of time – People in certain professions such as nursing, teachers and hairdressers will succumb at some stage.
  • Obesity – This is one area where you can have a lot of control and the sooner weight is lost the less opportunity of development there will be. Varicose vein treatment will be more successful if weight is lost.
  • Pregnancy – The first couple do not have a lot of effect, but third and subsequent ones will take their toll.
  • Birth control tablets – The longer they are taken the more chance there is.
  • HRT treatment – Again the longer this is taken the more risk there is that you will need spider vein treatment.
  • History of blood clots – Anyone with a history of suffering from blood clots can get spider veins
  • Certain medical conditions. Anything that can put pressure on the stomach will be an issue and this includes constipation and/or a tumor.
  • Certain clothes – Anything tight that can affect blood supply.
  • Injuries and trauma – These can very easily lead to you visiting the doctor for varicose vein treatment.

Although anyone can suffer from spider veins, it is more often than not women who suffer from them and will require spider vein treatment. As we get older the risk of developing them increases. The same applies to varicose veins as well as spider veins. At any one time, it is likely that somewhere between 1/3rd and 2/3rds of the population will have them in one form or another. Another name for these veins is chronic venous insufficiency and when you hear that you have this, you can relax as it is not as serious as the official name suggests.

Spider Vein Symptoms

Some people who suffer from varicose veins complain that they are in a lot of pain whereas others seem to get by with little or no pain at all. Yet, all victims will want to have varicose vein treatment. Most of the time the pain will be in the legs as that is where the majority of varicose veins or spider veins occur. The pain can be stabbing or show itself as cramps. During the night, there will be no relief as the legs will feel heavy and may throb or burn. Lifting them should bring some relief as should wearing support tights during the day, although it is only having spider vein treatment and having them removed that are going to bring permanent relief.

For some reason women find the symptoms worsen when they are menstruating or pregnant. There are a few additional symptoms and while they are not bad to begin with, can become serious. The skin can become dark and blood will sometimes start to pool around the bottom of the leg near to the ankles. Swelling can occur and in some of the worst cases, ulcers will form. At times thrombophlebitis occurs and this is where a blood clot forms and the vein becomes inflamed, but not everyone who has spider vein treatment will suffer in this way.

Removing Varicose Veins and Spider Vein Treatment

As spider veins are not very thick – hence the name spider veins – they will not need the same level of treatment as thicker varicose veins will. They appear as fine red lines and resemble the spider’s web and will spread around the legs and feet. Spider veins will not cause the same sort of issues that will require full on varicose veins treatment and for that reason alone, varicose vein treatment will be much more intense. Their main problem will be that standing can cause pain, and unless you have a job where you have to stand, that can be limited to a degree.

Although there are not immense problems with spider veins, you may not like the look of them and want to have them removed. There are a number of ways to do this, some are more intrusive than others, but whichever you select, you should be on your feet the same day and see a great improvement in a short period of time. Spider vein treatment will not have a long-lasting effect on your life.

Laser treatment is one way to get rid of varicose veins. The vein to be treated will be targeted by strong beams of light and they will start to fade. Over a period of time, they will disappear altogether. Although there are no serious side effects and there is no need to use needles; there is the risk that there will be a little swelling until the veins settle. When used for large veins, it may not be as effective, and there could be a permanent change of skin coloring. It is also likely that there will be a re-occurrence in the foreseeable future. This is, however, not the best or most effective spider vein treatment. For this, you will need sclerotherapy and it is also ideal for varicose vein treatment.


This is also a non-surgical varicose vein treatment but is much more effective. There is a need for the skin to be broken, but it is only by a needle rather than there having to be an incision. It is no more traumatic than having an injection and it is the form of treatment that many doctors will suggest, and many patients will be happy to accept. It is used for other conditions of the vessels and when applied the vessels will no longer form in the way that they should.

The Treatment

This is by no means a new form of spider vein treatment as there have been versions of it in use since the 19th Century. It has advanced a great deal in recent years and patients will be reaping the benefits of these advances. Just because there is the option of this, it does not mean that it is the right one for you. Before starting any treatment, you should speak to the vein doctor and they will go through all of the options with you. If the outcome is that this will be the best, you should be able to start treatment quickly and literally be back on your feet in days.

Who should have Sclerotherapy?

There are less invasive forms of spider vein treatment and if you do not heal well, they may be a better option. The people who will most benefit from sclerotherapy will be the following groups: –

  • People who find that their veins are now painful
  • Anyone who finds that the legs are heavy and especially at night. This can be so bad at times that it will stop them from sleeping.
  • When dry and patchy skin appears on the feet and legs.
  • The veins have a rash appearing near to them.

What will happen?

First of all, the doctor will carry out a thorough examination to let them know where the problematic veins are and which ones they are going to deal with first. This is more likely than not going to take place in the doctor’s surgery as will the actual procedure. It is not going to be your normal doctor, who will do it, but you will be treated by a vein doctor or dermatologist as they will be better suited to carrying out varicose vein treatment.

Most of the time there will not be the need for any anesthesia or any work to be carried out in advance. You may be given a little bit of advice by a specific doctor, but by and large all you will have to do is to turn up for the allotted appointment. Normally you will be asked not to use any body lotion or oil-based products before-hand, but that will be all.

Once the vein treatment begins, you will be lying on a table, on your back with legs raised in the air. The area will be cleansed to ensure that there is nothing that can lead to an infection. The needle will be inserted and while it will not be painful, you may feel something just as it goes in. A solution that is going to irritate the vein is placed in and while there may be a slight feeling of burning or on some occasions tingling, there will often not be any sensation at all.

Once this has been done, there will be a short period of time when the doctor will gently massage the area. The reason for this is to stop any blood getting back into the vein. After this, there could still be a slight risk of this happening, so there will be compression stockings provided and these will have to be worn for the following few weeks after the spider vein treatment.

Sometimes, and mainly with smaller veins there will only need to be one varicose vein treatment but for the majority of patients, there will have to be at least one follow up visit. The vein needs to be fully collapsed to prevent it accepting blood again and once this has happened there is no need to worry about it again. The blood that would have used it will find its way to another vein and carry on its journey around the body.

Risks of Sclerotherapy

There are times when blood clots can form and for the first few weeks, patients should be very vigilant in looking for them. It is also important to stay out of sunlight for a while after spider vein treatment as this can lead to the affected area becoming darker. It can be sore for a while and tender to touch. Bruising is inevitable but that will not last for long. If you feel sick after the treatment, it could be that air has got into the bloodstream, but as with other side effects, this will not last for long.

If a blood clot is found and not dealt with, it can become an embolism, and this should be treated as an emergency. The same applies to chest pains, dizziness, or problems trying to breathe. A visit to a vascular doctor is a must although it is more likely than not that there is nothing to worry about and you will soon be back to normal.


Many times, spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment will not be covered by insurance. It can be seen as cosmetic, and it will be up to the applicant to prove to the insurance company that they needed to have this done to improve their quality of life. Some may not give an outright rejection, but may insist that there are other forms of veins treatments tried before sclerotherapy.

Once you have had spider vein treatment, you will be glad that you did. It is not traumatic and will give your legs a much better look. Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past and the pain that was felt when standing will be greatly diminished. It will be advisable to life a lifestyle that will not lead to them returning, as treatment on a regular basis is not considered suitable.

More than one session can be undergone, but as there are certain things you can and can’t do after varicose vein treatment, you don’t want your life to be too badly disrupted. Wearing trousers may be advisable especially in the summer. Any fears that you had about not wearing pretty skirts will soon be a thing of the past as your legs will be good looking enough to wear the shortest of skirts on a nice summer day.

Last word

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