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Do you know whether you have vein problems? If you don’t have visible varicose veins on legs, but have weird symptoms, then it is possible that your vein disease is not very pronounced. It is probably just beginning and the only way to know is to meet the best vein doctor NYC. They will examine your leg veins properly and discover if you have an underlying disease. If you have been having leg cramps at night plus pain, the odds are that these are early signs of varicosities. Once a varicose vein doctor NYC examines you, they will confirm this. If they find that your cramps and other symptoms are caused by something else, they will inform you. Vein issues are best diagnosed and treated by a vein or vascular specialist.

Who is a vascular specialist?

Alternatively known as a phlebologist, a vein specialist is a highly trained doctor. Their main work is to evaluate and treat varicose veins, spider veins, lymphedema, venous leg ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, venous eczema, and related vein issues. Unlike in the past when vein disease was treated by general surgeons via vein stripping, now there are phlebologists. Numerous phlebologists in the U.S qualify as specialists via board certification and extra credentials.

These entail post-graduate training as well as specialty training in phlebology. Once they demonstrate their involvement in advanced education and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of vein and lymphatic disease, these doctors can now do examinations. Once they pass this rigorous testing, they become the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine’s Diplomats. While having a diplomat qualification is not all you need to know that one is the best vein doctor NYC, it does show that they are totally committed to pursuing excellence in their career path.

Why bother seeing a specialist?

One thing that you can be sure of is that phlebologists are trained to detect any underlying vein disease and complications. If you make it to a vascular doctor near me early enough, you can save yourself from severe pain and suffering. Besides, early diagnosis just means that you can treat your current varicose veins and prevent new ones from forming. A phlebologist just like Dr. Michael Nguyen can help slow down disease progression and reduce your symptoms. Additionally, they can recommend simple ways to help your legs feel better and look great while keeping you from complications.

This can automatically boost your quality of life and protect you from losing your job. Varicose veins and related complications can be diagnosed, treated and prevented from reoccurring by the best vein doctor NYC. If you take too long to treat your legs, you might become a victim of blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Note that DVT can occur without showing any symptom whatsoever. When symptoms exist, they include pain and leg swelling. Hence, being closer to a dependable varicose vein doctor NYC is advisable. They will detect a blood clot before it becomes life-threatening and treat it in the best manner possible.

One of the worst things that could happen to you due to DVT is pulmonary embolism(PE).It happens when a blood clot in a deep vein dislodges itself and travels to the lung. A patient’s PE case is an emergency one and should be attended by the best vein doctor NYC at once. Symptoms may include chest pain, shortness of breath and cough. If a patient is not treated fast they could die.

If you want to avoid DVT complications, have yourself checked by the top varicose vein doctor NYC. Ensure that you are dealing with a real specialist who treats different cases of venous disease. If you act early enough, it will be almost impossible to develop DVT and other venous reflux disease complications. These include the following:

  • Venous leg ulcers – These are open wounds that can be prevented by taking an action early. Simply get in touch with the best vein doctor NYC and begin treatment. However, if you already have a visible leg ulcer at the lower leg, ankle or foot area, have it examined right away. A varicose vein doctor NYC will be able to figure out whether your ulcer is as a result of vein problems or diabetes. A foot ulcer can be due to diabetes and that’s what your doctor will want to rule out. Note that ulcers can get so severe and painful that your daily life is affected.

They can stop you from carrying out your daily chores and make you feel miserable due to pain. If you have a history of DVT, perforator vein disease, varicose veins, venous insufficiency or all of the above, that could be the reason why you have developed venous leg ulcers as well. These needs maximum medical care and extra care from the victims not to get infected. Ulcers are difficult to treat than varicose veins and usually take longer to heal. All the same, have yours checked immediately by the top varicose vein doctor NYC. Otherwise, they will lead to stasis dermatitis.

  • Stasis dermatitis – This is a skin disorder that looks just like skin eczema. It is indeed called venous eczema, gravitational dermatitis or varicose eczema. The disorder makes the lower leg skin change its complexion. It leads to discoloration, itch, dryness, swelling, roughness and thickening of the skin. Stasis dermatitis can leave your legs looking really bad and also give you symptoms that will make your life more difficult. The best vein doctor NYC will apply a number of treatment techniques to manage your dermatitis effectively.

First, they may insist that you start wearing compression stockings if you haven’t been doing so. These will boost blood flow and reduce leg swelling. Next, they might recommend the best emollients and moisturizers to help reduce dryness and flakiness. If you have developed a bacterial infection like cellulitis, the varicose veins doctor NYC will suggest swallowing antibiotics. In case there are stubborn varicose veins that have refused to heal, they might recommend surgery.

  • Leg swelling – This is yet another complication of ignored venous reflux disease. Your blood flow and lymphatic flow collaborate to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body cells. They also work in unison to get rid of toxic products and fluid that accumulates in the cells. Still, blood and lymphatic systems fight against disease. When they have failed, there is one problem that mainly arises: leg swelling or lymphedema. There are people who are more prone to this, including those who suffer from diseases that limit mobility. Additionally, anyone who has a bacterial infection like cellulitis may risk having lymphedema. Do you have an acquired lymphatic disease due to a recent surgery, trauma, parasitic infection or lymph node removal? Were you ever diagnosed with an inherited lymphatic disease?


If yes, you are so likely to suffer from leg swelling. The same is true if you have a serious medical condition that affects the heart, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland or any body part like cancer. Some medications might also trigger lymphedema as a side effect. Lastly, you can have leg swelling due to blood pooling in your veins as it can overload your lymphatic system. By seeing the best vein doctor NYC you will discover why your legs are always swollen these days. If the cause is related to vein disease, your varicose veins doctor NYC will figure out how to cure you.

  • Vein inflammation and bleeding – If you have untreated venous insufficiency symptoms like varicose veins, there is a problem you are likely to encounter. This is vein inflammation and bleeding. Veins can bleed easily because they are closer to the skin surface and the skin itself is thinner and easily bruised. If you notice that your veins are bleeding, swollen and inflamed, get in touch with a varicose veins doctor NYC

Prior to developing the above-mentioned complications, you will have noticed early symptoms of varicose veins. These are itching, heaviness in the legs, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, fatigue, and burning or throbbing pain. Varicose veins themselves might be visible on the skin surface and the best you can do is to schedule an appointment with the best vein doctor NYC. By doing so, you will be able to prevent the complications we mentioned above.

How can a vascular doctor near me help?

Once you visit a phlebologist for the first time, they will seek to know your medical history and your current symptoms. Next, they will do a physical examination of your legs to find out whether you have varicose veins. When standing or sitting down with your legs hanging, varicose veins get more visible. To confirm their physical observations, the selected varicose veins doctor NYC will do medical tests. The most common one is the venous Duplex ultrasound test that shows the doctor exactly how your veins’ inner structure is like.

If there are faulty valves, it will be concluded that you have a venous reflux disease and that’s why you have varicosities. Sometimes the best vein doctor NYC will discover other vascular issues when conducting their tests. So, it is wise to have your legs examined as early as you notice varicose veins symptoms. If it turns out that you have a vein disease, the phlebologist will decide how to best treat you.

In most cases, the best vein doctor NYC prefers to offer the least invasive treatment techniques: sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and endovenous laser ablation therapy(EVLT). If these fail to help, which barely happens, surgery might be suggested.

  • Sclerotherapy will mostly be chosen when you have spider veins as it is the most effective type of treatment. However, doctors are also using ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy to treat big varicose veins. The procedure entails direct vein injections where a chemical (sclerosant) is deposited in the problematic leg vein. The chemical then destroys the vein by collapsing and closing it off forever. While sclerotherapy works, it does have more side effects than endothermic techniques.
  • RFA uses radio waves heat to destroy abnormal leg veins while EVLT uses light energy to do the same. Both require small incisions to be made in the skin after anaesthesia shots are given. Then the device that releases energy is placed in the vein via a catheter. When it is at the top of the vein, the catheter is slowly withdrawn while the device is turned on to release its energy. This ensures that the whole length of the vein is destroyed. RFA and EVLT have fewer side effects and are often over ninety percent effective. If you select a varicose veins doctor NYC who knows exactly what they are doing, any of these minimally invasive procedures will turn out great.

How to know your phlebologist is the best

Obviously, you want to make sure that your varicose veins and related complications are treated successfully and safely. One way to ensure this is to hire the right phlebologist doctor near you. You can hire the best vein doctor NYC online right now and start treatment. But how will you know that you are picking the most helpful doctor? First, read the doctor’s patient testimonial ratings online as well as check their before and after photo gallery to quantify their results.

Ensure that you ask every best vein doctor NYC you come across sensible and useful questions. Mostly these will be about their level and field of training and the amount of experience they have. Moreover, you want to know if a doctor is certified and has a diplomat status. Are they also a member of a professional organization? If so, which organization? If they have a membership with the ACP (the American College of Phlebology), you should know that they are a good choice.

A certified ultrasonographer or vascular surgeon is a dependable professional when it comes to diagnosing and treating vein problems. And if you want a good recommendation, find out more about Dr. Namrata Khimani. She is one of the most educated American vascular specialists and has ample experience in her field.

Final word

Varicose veins are a sign that you have a progressive venous reflux disease. If you want to avoid its last stage complications, have your varicose veins treated now by the leading varicose veins doctor NYC. Early intervention will always lead to tolerable treatment options while late intervention will put you through invasive and difficult techniques of curing venous disease.

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