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Customized Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment: Introducing Vein Clinic Long Island

spider and varicose vein treatment center

Interested in Personalized Vein Treatment in Long Island?

If you are among the 30% of Americans who have varicose veins or spider veins, you might have started to notice that veins cause more than purely cosmetic issues.  You’ve dealt with the aching legs; the swollen ankles, the fatigue, and the heavy, throbbing feeling that just makes you want to put your feet up. But resting your legs may not be enough. Varicose veins (and spider veins) don’t just look bad and cause discomfort – they might be a sign of an underlying, more complex condition called chronic venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency can have serious consequences if not treated the right way, with the right vein doctor. Fortunately with newer technology most treatment is minimally invasive with zero downtime. 

Whether you are merely concerned with the cosmetic appearance of your legs, or you have noticed symptoms suggestive of underlying venous insufficiency, our experienced vein doctors have an answer for you. Our friendly and compassionate team will evaluate you fully and come up with a customized treatment plan to address your unique goals and circulatory issues. Our vein specialists will make sure you feel heard and have all your questions answered. 

We now offer treatment at two convenient locations on Long Island with offices on both the North Shore and South Shore. We can help you choose the right form of treatment and the right vein doctor for you. To make an appointment, click HERE or call us at 855-699-2004. We offer almost every vein treatment option on the market – to learn more about our technology, click HERE.  Or to learn more about our Long Island Location, please continue to read. 

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Our Long Island Vein Clinics are the Best Vein Treatment Option. Here’s Why…

Several specialist doctors and clinics may provide vein treatment on Long Island. The following list of facts will help you understand why we come out ahead.

  • Focus on vein treatment and vascular medicine: Obviously, a clinic that spends most of its time doing vein treatments is likely to have expertise in that area. If a clinic performing vein treatment in Long Island doesn’t appear to focus exclusively on this, it’s worth driving out a couple of hours to find a clinic that does focus only on vein diseases and their treatment. Similarly, you would want to choose a doctor who has years of experience in dealing with vein diseases, as they would be more likely to diagnose the root cause of your vein problem. The right diagnosis is the first step to getting the right kind of treatment for your vein condition.
  • Credentials: Not all doctors who treat vein diseases are specially qualified to do so. With a board certified specialist, you can be confident of a more accurate diagnosis, and more effective treatment, simply because they have the skills and training for this particular niche! You would need to look for a specialist who has board certification in vascular surgery or another field such as internal medicine or anesthesiology but with extensive experience in ultrasound or vascular access.  Ideally the doctor will be certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, an organization dedicated to recognizing doctors with extensive experience in vein diseases, varicose veins and spider veins. All of our doctors are required to have ABVLM certification since we believe this recognition is essential in setting our vein experts apart. Our long island vein doctors have a combined 40 years experience treating veins and vein disease.
  • Technology: The benefit of cutting edge technology is that can offer you both comfort and convenience. Modern ultrasound equipment allows vein doctors to ‘look and listen’ to your veins, so that they can see if your veins are ‘leaky’. Technology also allows vein doctors to perform best vein treatment that require very little downtime. These may not be available at all vein treatment centers in Long Island, and this is something you should check out before choosing a center and going ahead with treatment. At our vein clinic long Island located in West Islip, we offer the newest technologies including radiofrequency ablation, varithena, foam slcerotherapy and other advanced treatment options. Most of what we do is associated with zero downtime – you can go back to work the same day. Some clinics still emphasize surgery, but we recognize vein treatment should be as easy for you as possible.
  • Insurance: Unless you want to pay our of pocket (which can be expensive!) you would want your vein treatment clinic to accept and work with your current insurance plan. Most major treatments for varicose veins should be covered by insurance. Minor, cosmetic procedures may not be covered. But rest assured our team is very experienced at working with your insurance company to lower your out of pocket cost and keep things as clear and transparent to you as possible.
  • Friendly and Supportive Staff: Above all, you’ll want to feel reassured throughout the process. Our staff are competent and confident, and will always be on hand to deal with your queries and assist you.
Varicose and Spider Veins | Vein Diseases

Vein Treatment Clinic – Meet Our Team

Fortunately, a state of the art clinic that has all these attributes is available on Long Island. The New York Vein Treatment Clinic offers top-quality vein treatment to Long Island patients through our board certified vein specialists. Our doctors are experts in cutting edge vein treatment, and they train doctors from around the world in the same skills.

  • Dr. Caroline Novak  Dr. Novak specializes in treating vein diseases during and after pregnancy; she is warm, compassionate and focused on creating a custom-tailored plan. 
  • Dr. Thomas Arnold Dr. Arnold has 25 years of experience in vein medicine, but is extremely comfortable with the latest technologies. He can perform microsurgery on large and bulky veins, or minimally invasive procedures on underlying venous insufficiency. He is known for his warm and friendly bedside manner. 
  • Dr. Kamran Saraf is known for the meticulous care that he gives his patients. He has with several years of experience in treating complex diseases of the blood vessels and veins. He specializes in minimally invasive treatment for chronic venous insufficiency.

Our two clinics are located in West Islip, NY (on the Montauk highway, just 15 minutes from 495) and in Jericho, NY. 


What to expect at the Vein Treatment Clinic?

Once you choose to schedule your consultation, one of our three top vein doctors in NY will spend some time getting to know you – your medical history, your current situation and symptoms. You may need an ultrasound examination to identify if the veins in your legs are faulty. Based on the results, you will receive a customized treatment plan for vein care, which might include one of more of the following options:

  • Sclerotherapy: A medicated solution is injected into your veins – this causes the vein walls to stick together, and seal itself off from the body.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation: The skin over the vein is numbed, and a tiny catheter is inserted into the vein. Radiofrequency heat delivered through the catheter destroys the vein.
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation: This is similar to RFA, but uses a laser fibre to destroy the vein instead, and is equally effective.
  • Venaseal: As the name suggests, the vein is sealed off using medical glue.
  • Clarivein: A miniscule device is implanted into your vein, which causes the vein to seal off.
  • Varithena: Just like sclerotherapy, except that foam is injected into your veins.

After all the above procedures, blood re-routes to healthier veins, and the vein that is sealed off just gets absorbed by the body and disappears, resulting in varicose or spider vein removal. All the procedures done at VTC are minimally invasive and therefore almost painless. They require very little time – you can practically get it done during your lunch hour!  To know more about the procedures done at all our centers, click here.

All our vein doctors in NJ and NY have one common goal – to help you lead a better and more comfortable life. If you’d like them to help you achieve this, schedule a consultation at your nearest clinic today!

Customized Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment: Introducing Vein Clinic Long IslandVTC

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Scheduling a consultation with one of our vein treatment experts is one of the best ways to determine the proper resolution for your varicose veins. The treatments can include sclerotherapy, laser or radiofrequency ablation, a medication called Varithena, or procedures such as Venaseal, or Clarivein.

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Vein Doctor New York - Dr. Michael Nguyen

Contributing Author

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Harvard Trained | Spider & Varicose Veins Specialist

Dr. Michael Nguyen is a world renowned and Harvard trained vein specialist in Manhattan. He leads the team of vein doctors offering the highest level of care at the Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment Center in New York & New Jersey.

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