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Some people will suffer more as a result of varicose veins, but there will never be a case when anyone feels that these have been a positive experience. These abnormal leg veins do not look in the least bit normal.  As soon as the veins begin to distend, others will be aware that you have a problem and could suggest that you consult with a NYC vein doctor. They can hurt quite a bit and at times, meaning that there will be day to day things that you are not able to do, although you could try a compression hose for varicose veins.

Often it will be possible to deal with the problem, but there will be times when it is not advisable to do this, and you will need to see a doctor. The blood will by and large be able to work its way past the veins, but when the valve does not work and the blood falls out of the chamber it had been in, it can gather around the ankles and this can bring about fresh problems.

Paying by insurance

There are a lot of treatments that you can undergo, but you need to check if the NYC vein doctor you use has a payment plan, or if the insurance company is going to pay. Several doctors’ websites will have a form that you can fill in to start the process of treatment. It will be at this stage that it will be a good idea to see if you are covered. This is going to be another area where the doctor will be able to help you. Often an insurance company will tell you that they will not pay you for treatment as it is classed as a cosmetic procedure rather than medical.

Your NYC vein doctor can send them information to let them know when that is not the case. Often you will find that you can have your sclerotherapy cost covered by insurance. It is accepted that sclerotherapy is a great way to treat varicose veins and you can have the work carried out while you are an outpatient. It may not be the first treatment you try as there is the chance that the insurance company will ask you to wear a compression hose for varicose vein treatment first. Before agreeing to try sclerotherapy, you should speak to your doctor and find out what they will be doing.

It makes sense for insurance companies to fund sclerotherapy due to it being a treatment carried out away from a hospital. Your doctor will carry it out in their office. This is clearly going to make it a much cheaper procedure than one that would require you to have a hospital stay. Insurance companies will realise that the veins will need more detailed treatment the worse they get, so if a doctor suggests that sclerotherapy could work, they should agree. However, it will be best to double check as not all will pay.

Compression stockings for varicose veins

Before starting treatment, it has been mentioned that there is a way to try and deal with varicose veins that is not going to be in the slightest bit invasive. A NYC vein doctor can suggest that you try a compression hose for varicose vein improvement. It will be hard to imagine that using a compression hose for varicose vein relief is going to be very successful, but many times it is. In the same way that putting on loose clothes can make you relax, so can a compression hose help your legs relax.

If you notice the veins in your legs swelling, they can be spider veins or varicose veins. Spider veins are pretty much the same as varicose veins, except they are not as noticeable and to a degree do not cause as much of a problem. It may come as a bit of a shock to you that the veins are the cause of the pain, but this is often what happens. Compression hose for varicose vein pain relief will be a good way to start dealing with the problem.

This does not mean that this is going to be all that can be done, and if you feel that you want to look into your options you can make an appointment with a NYC vein doctor and they will talk you through what can be done. They will most likely tell you to try for a while with the compression stockings as there can be good results through this. The other options tend to be sclerotherapy, laser ablation, and if things do go very wrong, the veins can be taken out of the legs altogether. This however will be a last resort and it will be the minimally invasive treatments that are tried first.

What are these veins and why do they occur?

The veins occur when there is damage caused to the valve in the vein. Normally the blood that has to go back towards the heart will be forced through the valve into a vein and then will continue further upwards, thanks to another valve opening and closing. The problem begins when the valves no longer close behind the blood and it is able to fall back out. There are a number of reasons why this happens. It can be due to:

  • Gender – There is nothing you can do about this. If you are female, there is more of a risk that you are going to end up developing these awful veins. As the hormones change, the vein walls are not as strong and will stretch to accommodate additional blood, so it stays where it is rather than moving on. You could use the compression hose for varicose veins right away if you feel you don’t want to wait.
  • Age – Again there is nothing that you can do. As you get older they start to form. Men and women over the age of 50 years are likely to see them appearing. The elasticity of the veins starts to fail, and they can no longer hold onto the blood.
  • Weight – If you are overweight then you are putting yourself at risk. Losing weight can stop the veins getting worse, although it is unlikely that any damage that has already been caused can be corrected. A NYC vein doctor is likely to tell you that the first thing you should do is to try and lose some weight.
  • Pregnancy – This is likely to be due to the extra weight that is being carried. The first couple of pregnancies will not be too problematic, but once there are three or more, the damage can become apparent. When pregnant, the blood will flow more freely and affect the veins more than normal.
  • Lack of movement – You need to move around after you have been sitting for a while as this will help the blood to circulate and not leave it to form in pools around the ankles.
  • Lack of rest – In the opposite of the above, once you have been moving around for a while you should take a rest. Raise the legs as even if this is only for a short period of time, it should be beneficial. Try and place a pillow or cushion under them, and again the blood flow will be better than it was. If you have tried compression hose for varicose vein relief at the suggestion of your NYC vein doctor, you should notice the difference.
  • Ancestry – If you have family members who have suffered from varicose veins then there is a good change that you are going to suffer from them. There are limits as to what you can do to limit this, as keeping to a sensible weight and understanding about what the veins need to be healthy.

A Compression Hose for Varicose Vein Improvement

It may be hard to understand how these compression stockings can be effective, but they do work well. As long as they are the right ones for you, they will tightly hold on to the skin above the vein and help to improve the circulation.  You should be offered three different types of compression hose for varicose vein treatment and your NYC vein doctor should talk you through which ones will be the best and why.

  • Support pantyhose – These are the least effective and it is unlikely that the NYC vein doctor will suggest these unless the varicose veins are incredibly new and not yet causing any problems. They can be purchased at drug stores.
  • Compression stockings or socks – These are usually found in medical supply stores and will be more supportive than the aforementioned pantyhose.
  • Prescription hose – This will require you to visit a specialist and they will measure you up to ensure that the correct area is being treated. They will want to make sure that there is the correct amount of compression used so that there will be a benefit for you.

There have been studies carried out to see how effective the compression hose for varicose veins really is. The truth is that while these socks may work towards dealing with the symptoms, they will not stop them or lead to their reversal. You will have to remember that the correct sized compression hose for varicose veins is not easy to put on or to take off but the good side to this means that they are strong enough to put pressure on the veins. You should seriously consider how long to use these as there are a few side effects.

  • The skin can become irritated as a result of having the compression hose for varicose veins so tight against it.
  • Indentations can appear in the skin due to the hose being tight.
  • If not used correctly, nerve damage can be caused and proper circulation can be affected.

Other treatments from a NYC vein doctor

If the NYC vein doctor decides that the compression hose for varicose vein treatment has not been effective they will start to look to the next step. Providing the doctor is board-certified, they will be in a position to offer you the following options. The first ones they will try will be the ones that are the least invasive and only leave the more invasive ones as a last resort.

  • Sclerotherapy – You may find that you can have the sclerotherapy cost covered by insurance so make sure you check. During sclerotherapy, there will be a substance injected into the vein. This will ensure that the vein heals up and that blood cannot get into it and finds another way to continue on its journey.
  • Venaseal – Again there is a substance injected into the vein causing it to close. This is a form of glue and once sealed, the veins will not open up again. As with sclerotherapy, the blood will find an alternative route. This can be carried out while you are awake and in the doctors’ office.
  • Endovenous laser ablation – There is an element of invasion with this procedure. The vein will be closed up and over a short period of time will disappear altogether.
  • Removal – This will only be carried out as a last resort and your NYC vein doctor will try other methods first.  You will need to go into hospital and will likely need to stay overnight. If possible, there should be someone at home with you as this procedure will require a little rest. It is not going to be the most traumatic procedure around, but it does come with some risks, so make sure you take care.

With the exception of removal, the other procedures should not interfere with your daily life too much. It will not be possible to go straight back into sport or fitness, but normal activities such as working, or walking should be fine. If you are unsure as to how much to do, speak to the NYC vein doctor who carried out the procedure and they will explain to you. It could be that you will need a couple of treatments before the veins are no longer a problem, but they should be dealt with for good. The problem is that there is nothing to say that others will not become damaged in the same way.

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