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As we start to age, there are issues that will affect us and one of these is varicose veins. They are the dark colored, unsightly veins that look as if they are trying to force their way out of the legs. They can be quite mild, and in this case, they will be known as spider veins, but they can also get to be severe and need to be treated by a NYC vein doctor. Each of us will react differently to their appearance and while some may see them as just one of those things that happen as we get older, others will insist that they are a problem and need to have them dealt with. There are certain reasons why you may get them, and these can include:

  • Being overweight- Losing it will help but cannot stop what has already happened.
  • Family history- If your parents had them there is a good chance you will have them as well
  • Working conditions – Standing or sitting for too long will put pressure on the veins as the valves will become damaged and not work as they should. If the vascular doctor in NYC that treats you advises change, do all you can to achieve that.
  • Pregnancy – Normally a couple will not make much difference but 3 or more can lead to severely damaged veins.
  • Age – Once you reach 50 it is likely they will begin to appear and as you can’t stop the aging process you could have to accept they are coming.
  • Gender – Unfortunately, if you are female you are more likely to suffer than if you are male and this applies to spider veins as well as varicose veins.

Once it has become clear that the varicose veins you are suffering from need to be treated you will want to find the best NYC vein doctor you can and also find out what they are going to do to you. Any decent vascular doctor in NYC will be happy to talk to you and let you know what the options are and give you the chance to have some input.

First however, it is likely that they are going to want to question you so that they can find out a little about you and build a picture as to how the varicose veins or spider veins developed. They are likely to ask you about: –

  • Your medical history
  • Family history of varicose veins
  • If there is any pain – it is vital that the vascular doctor in NYC is made aware of this.
  • If there are any other symptoms

Once you have answered the questions from the NYC vein doctor, it is time to ask some of your own. Examples of what you should ask includes: –

  • What treatments do you offer? It is likely that they will be offering a selection of procedures and so you can be sure that they will be offering you what is best not just what they can do. Some will be invasive, and others will not be, and it is hard to say which will be best in your condition. Some will believe that non-surgical procedures will improve the look of the veins and others think that they will they perform to a higher standard. If they only do one procedure, be wary as they may want your business more than they are concerned about your well-being. You will be able to find a great vascular doctor in NYC and be sure that they will have the qualifications and experience to do a good job when they treat you.
  • What do you have the most experience in? Some cases will require there to be hospital treatment and you will be under anesthetic, so need to know that the vascular doctor in NYC is up to the job. If they suggest a procedure that they are not experienced in, you may want to look elsewhere, especially if you need to be put under anesthetic.
  • How can I help myself? It is likely that there are parts of your diet that are adding to the problem. If you are overweight, you will have been putting pressure on the veins and valves and this could have been causing the damage. Your work life can also be a problem. If you spend too much time either sitting or standing damage will occur. Try to take a break and either sit down or move around for a while.
  • Will I still need to be screened? It is best to have screening if your family have a history of varicose veins. As the problems get worse as you age, you will be able to pick up the signs of varicose veins early on and make an appointment with a vascular doctor in NYC as soon as you can.

Treatments from a Vein Doctor New Jersey

There will be times when there is no need to treat the veins as long as you do not mind accepting that your legs do not look as good as they did in the past. If you visit Dr Michael Nguyen, you will get good advice and know that the information passed on by this NYC vein doctor will be in your best interest. There is something to be said for leaving well alone, but it is also likely that what starts off as a fairly innocuous varicose vein or spider vein could get worse if left untreated. You have to decide if you want to have treatment that you may not need or wait and risk things getting worse. The main reasons people choose to visit a vascular doctor in NYC and have treatment to their varicose veins include: –

  • Cosmetics – if you don’t like the look of your legs you could have treatment to return them to normal. The issue here is that if you are prone to them, they could appear in non-treated veins in the future. This may not be covered by your insurance and could take a letter from the NYC vein doctor to explain the medical reasons for the treatment.
  • Prevention – if not treated, varicose veins can lead to ulcers forming on the legs. The blood falls from the damaged veins and gathers at the foot, where the ulcers can start.
  • Pain relief – varicose veins can become painful and if you find that they are affecting your day to day life, you need to get treatment.

Before the NYCvein doctor will carry out any treatment, they may ask that you try some home help first. This is going to be by wearing compression stockings for at least 6 months. Exercise could be recommended, especially if you are not normally active. Even putting your feet up when you can will make a difference.

Types of Treatment that a Vascular Doctor in NYC will Provide

If it is clear that the home remedies have not worked, then the vein doctor New Jersey will start to arrange further treatment. They will consider your lifestyle and then set up a plan so if your appointment is with Dr Namrata Khimani, you should be sure to give as much information as possible. If you do the NYC vein doctor will be able to style the treatment just for you.

Endothermal Ablation

Normally this will be the first treatment that the NYC vein doctor will try. Energy will be sent to the vein to ensure that it closes. This energy comes in the form of high-frequency radio waves or lasers.

  • Radiofrequency – this leads to the wall of the vein becoming hot and closing in on itself. An incision is made, and a catheter is sent towards the vein thanks to ultrasound. A probe goes in at emits radiofrequency energy. Once closed the blood that would have used that vein goes elsewhere. You only need a local anesthetic and side effects will be mild i.e. pins and needles. Compression stockings may be needed for a few days.
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment – again a catheter is inserted and is directed by ultrasound. A laser enters and reaches the vein. Bursts of heat close the vein and as the catheter is pulled through the vein, each part it touches is sealed. This can be done when you are under general or local anesthetic. It is likely that the legs will be sore and bruised but the doctor should warn of this.
  • Sclerotherapy – foam will be pushed into the veins and damages then to the extent that they close. When discussing this ensure that you inform the vascular doctor in NYC if you have suffered from deep vein thrombosis in the past. Ultrasound guides the injection and a few veins can be treated at once. Local anesthetic is used. Veins should fade over the weeks and their job taken up by healthy veins and after a few sessions should go altogether. There can be side effects such as back pain, headaches or blood clots, vision issues or fainting. If you feel ill see a NYC vein doctor as strokes have been suffered in rare occasions.
  • Surgery – If there is a reason that the previous methods are not suitable, then there is always surgery. The doctor will suggest stripping and ligation which will require a general anesthetic. At most, an overnight stay in hospital is needed, but often you can leave the same day. Further questions could be asked of the vascular doctor in NYC if surgery is needed and they will include finding out which doctor will carry out the surgery, how long you must wait and how many procedures will you have to undergo.
  • Stripping and ligation – most time a NYC vein doctor will use this method, and it means selecting the problematic vein and tying it off before removing it. A cut is made at the groin and another near the knee. A wire passes through the vein and pulls it out through the lower cut. Other veins will know take over the removal of blood that the vein once carried out. This can be painful and leave bruises and as will surgery there is the risk of blood clots, DVT and nerve damage. A rest of about 3 weeks could be needed before you can return to work. Compression stockings will also have to be worn.
  • Phlebectomy – as this is a new treatment there are some concerns as to how safe and effective it is so if it is offered, ask all the questions you want. It is not yet backed by NICE but they do concede that if the NYC vein doctor treating you has a reason to suggest this as the option for you it should be considered. All risks should be made clear. Two incisions will be made and an endoscopic transilluminator – a special light – will be placed under the skin. The veins will then be sliced and sucked out through one of the incisions. Either form of anesthesia can be used and as yet. The only post procedure problems seem to be bleeding or bruising.

Once these procedures have been carried out, there should be no way that the veins will cone back into use. That does not mean that others will not become damaged. However, when you use a doctor such as Dr Caroline Novak – a vascular doctor in NYC, you can be sure that you are giving yourself the best possible change of having successful treatment. If you are concerned about what the future holds then ask for details of what to expect and what to do under each scenario.

So much can be done to deal with varicose veins and an NYC vein doctor will be so well qualified that they will know how to deal with all veins that are presented to them. It is likely that a top vascular doctor in NYC could be shown veins in a condition that they had not seen before or not know how to treat.

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