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Many people suffer from spider veins – otherwise known as telangiectasias. There are only small but can be seen as they are close to the surface of the skin. Unlike most veins that look blue, these are redder in color and can be treated by a vascular doctor in NYC. They tend to be less than a mm thick and spread out in a way that makes people think of a spiders’ web. Around half the population will suffer from spider veins and the majority will be females. If you need to have them treated, you can find a spider vein doctor NYC. There will be times when they have to be treated for medical reasons, but more often than not because they do not look at all attractive.


The veins become distended when blood flows the wrong way down the vein and goes back to the foot. If the valve becomes damaged, it is not going to allow the blood to travel the right way back to the heart, but it drops down and pools around the ankle. When this becomes a problem, a vascular doctor in NYC is just what you need. When standing or sitting for a long period of time, the veins are going to get damaged. When this happens, the legs start to look blue. If you don’t go to the best vein doctor in NYC, you may miss the window whereby you can get your spider veins treated quickly. Dr. Michael Nguyen is an ideal doctor to see if you are suffering in this way.

When you make an appointment with a vascular doctor in NYC you will undergo an examination and the results will be backed up when you have a venous duplex study. This study has pictures and sound waves. It is important to rule out other issues such as chemical exposure, a blow, and more serious medical conditions such as lupus. Once the tests are completed, the best vein doctor NYC will make a decision about the treatment they will provide.

Treatment options

Thanks to medical advances by people such as Dr. Nguyen, there are plenty of forms of treatment that the vascular doctor in NYC can follow. There are three procedures in particular that tend to be used. They are:

  • Endovenous therapy – A catheter is used to send radio waves or light to the veins
  • Sclerotherapy – A drug irritates the vein so that it collapses.
  • Vein stripping – The vein is removed altogether by the vascular doctor in NYC.

Sometimes there has to be a combination of all treatments before it is safe to say that the veins have been cured by the best vein doctor NYC. It has to be remembered that a closed vein cannot reopen but that does not mean that other veins cannot become damaged. When deciding on the treatment, the doctor has to decide which one the patient will respond to best. The vascular doctor in NYC will be aware of the possible problems they may face and how to carry on if something does not work the way they hoped. Before any treatment starts the doctor will tell you what to expect and you will be able to question them so that you know what you are going to face. You can expect the veins to be photographed and also you will have to sign a form to say that you know what treatment you will be having and that any issues or concerns you had have been addressed.

There is a lot of information that has to be given to the vascular doctor in NYC and this is going to be a medical history and there are certain things that are much more important to disclose. This will reveal the urgency of treatment, so it is vital to reveal problems such as blood clots and medication that is taken.When the examination by the best vein doctor NYC takes place, you will be standing up and while this may seem unusual for an examination, this is the best way to do it. Skin thickening will be identified as well as skin colour changes. If it turns out that the varicose veins have formed due to a blood clot, a haematologist will need to be involved to ensure that the treatment is safe and successful.

The ideal way for the best vein doctor NYC to work out which veins are damaged and have to be dealt with will be for them to use ultrasound. Hopefully they will get their answers here and work can begin rather than them having to carry out more tests. With years of experience in this field, Dr. Nguyen has helped many people and is continuing to do so. This is thanks to the procedures he carries out and the new forms of treatment he is involved in developing.

It is likely that there will have to be preparations carried out at home and the vascular doctor in NYC will provide a compression stocking and advise that the leg involved is elevated as much as possible. Even at night this should happen, even if it means placing blocks under the bed. You will be using gravity to send the blood where it needs to go. Indications for sclerotherapy use are:

  • A variety of conditions including spider veins, and these can be helped by visiting a spider vein doctor NYC.
  • Smaller varicose veins – this will be veins that have not reached 3mm in diameter and there are no signs of major reflux.
  • Perforator veins that have back flow or a level of incompetence. This means that the veins are not working as they should.
  • Any varicose veins that have reached the level where they are bleeding
  • Veins that are behind the painful and stubborn venous ulcers
  • If the patient is pregnant, the best vein doctor NYC will take care with the treatment they use.
  • Age – Once over 75 years this will be the best one to carry out.
  • Lack of inactivity – Regardless of the reason, it can lead to the risk of deep vein thrombosis.
  • If kidney problems were disclosed, sclerotherapy is the ideal option best vein doctor NYC can give you.
  • When there are mobility issues.
  • Arterial disease that affects blood flowing through the legs.
  • Asthma, fever and serious illnesses
  • Phlebitis

If you are taking something such as aspirin or blood thinners, the best vein doctor NYC will advise you to stop at least a week before the procedure is to be carried out.

The way sclerotherapy is done

When carrying out sclerotherapy, the best vein doctor NYC will place various chemicals into the damaged vein. The lining of the vein will become damaged, collapse and prevent blood entering it again. The doctor will decide which chemical is the most appropriate. Discomfort can be prevented if the best vein doctor NYC adds lidocaine. If the vein is large, the drug will be altered to appear like foam and this will work well. Before starting, the vascular doctor in NYC will clean the area and push the needle through into the vein. The larger the vein the sooner it is treated.

The best vein doctor NYC will work down the legs treating the veins. Swelling may occur and this will be treated with compression. If you have the leg wrapped, you will be shown how to replace it, and wraps and stockings should be worn for three weeks. These items ensure the veins do not open and blood does not go in. After the first week, your vein doctor New York will tell you if there are veins that can become active again.

Foam Sclerotherapy

This is becoming the most popular procedure and the best vein doctor NYC will likely recommend it. Bigger veins react well and there are fewer risks. The procedure is the same as for non-foam sclerotherapy and the foam will move around the veins, and compression is required afterwards. If you suffer from migraines, one may be triggered. In case there is a link between the hearts chambers – PFO – patent foramen ovale – it will be a bad idea. It is likely this will cause more pain than ordinary sclerotherapy and there are concerns about foam around the groin. You will be asked to move the foot and ankle by the New York vein doctor, and while there are concerns of a higher risk of DVT, these fears are fairly unfounded. If there are sight issues, or swelling, the doctor should be told at once.

Complications to expect from sclerotherapy

There is the risk that there can be complication up to a week after treatment from the best vein doctor NYC and they could appear away from the treatment zone. Tissue injuries will be suffered if the New York vein doctor puts the foam in an artery by mistake. There can be:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Rash appearing
  • Veins appearing brown through blood being stuck – a micro-thrombectomy – removal of blood through small incisions should sort this out.
  • Bruising – Usually with older patients
  • Matting – Usually with obese patients
  • Phlebitis – Again micro-thrombectomy can be carried out.
  • DVT – Rare but can happen
  • Migraines, dizziness and flashing lights

If there are these symptoms, you need to contact a vascular doctor in NYC. Dr. Nguyen will be well placed to help you if there are ongoing issues, but the first place you should be able to go is your own doctor’s office or the clinic where the procedure was carried out.

How many treatments will be needed?

It is unlikely that one will be enough and there is often the need for three or four. Once the bigger once have gone, the smaller ones can be treated. Other veins could become affected later on, so the process will have to happen again.

Will the treatment take me off work and if so, for how long?

When sclerotherapy has been carried out, it is likely that you can go back to many types of work the same day, although it will be best to check with your doctor as they may want you to have a little rest first. The wrap should be kept on for up to 7 days and there are certain jobs – those that require a lot of sitting or a lot of standing. This does not mean you have to be inactive as there are a lot of benefits to walking and staying mobile. A week or maybe two weeks after the procedure, there will have to be a visit to the vascular doctor in NYC so that they can check on how well things are going. It is at this stage they should be able to see if there is the likelihood of you needing to have the treatment again.


If there are spider veins, they are going to have to be dealt with before the spider vein doctor NYC can start to look at the bigger varicose veins. To remove these, there will normally have to be a few sessions and again there is a choice of treatment that can be carried out by the spider vein doctor NYC. Laser treatment can be used and here there is a light used to warm up the spider vein. When this happens, the vein will scar and not be active any more. With the second treatment, there is again scarring to the inside of the vein, but this time it is caused by sclerotherapy. Whichever is used, there is the risk that the cost of treating the vein will lead to the legs or face looking worse than they did before, but clearly the vascular doctor in NYC will do all they can to prevent this. Once your varicose veins and spider veins have been treated you should feel much better. If the procedures are carried out correctly they will not be active again, although it could be that other veins become varicose at a later date.

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