Spider and Varicose Vein Treatments

There are many modalities on the market to treat vein disease – all with the same goals: vein closure.  When a patient has vein disease, whether it’s located in the deeper veins such as the great saphenous vein or in more superficial veins as we see in spider and varicose veins, the goal of treatment is for vein closure.   

To allow you to better understand how the treatment works, picture the veins in your leg as multiple roads.  All of these roads serve the same purpose, carry blood from your feet back to your heart.  When you’re standing, this unidirectional, “against gravity” movement of blood is facilitated by unidirectional valves.  In venous disorders such as venous insufficiency, these valves malfunction, causing blood to pool in your legs as gravity causes the blood to fall back down towards your feet.

To have you better understand what venous insufficiency does to circulation in your legs, lets picture this hypothetical real life scenario.  So now picture this scenario as it pertains to cars on a road. Let’s say you had two roads that lead to the same destination, road A and road B. You drive down road B for 10 miles, hit a dead end, and u-turn around to go up road A to get to your destination.  You may wonder then, that if there was a sign at Road B indicating that it was a bad road to use, all traffic would be automatically redirected to Road A – decreasing congestion and traffic.

When treating vein disease, the above holds true – our goal is to target only the veins that’s causing you problems.  We identify your diseased vein using our advanced ultrasound techniques and only target the veins that are diseased for closure.  There are many different treatment modalities on the market – that are medication based such as sclerotherapy, to thermal based such as radiofrequency and laser.  Each of these treatment modalities has their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

At our Vein Treatment Clinic, we don’t use a one size fits all approach.  We customize each patient to a specific plan that best fits their needs and their disease process.  You can expect that you will have the best care with doctors using the latest technological advances in Vein medicine for your treatment.

Message from our Vein Doctors

While there are many treatment modalities on the market other than Sclerotherapy, Radiofrequency Ablation, and Laser Vein Ablation, we do not currently recommend it.   Other modalities, although may be new and exciting, does not mean it’s better.  Our vein specialists have experience in all of these modalities and have personally tried them – including VenaSeal, Clarivein, and Varithena.  As it stands currently, there is not enough evidence to use these treatment modalities yet.  

Our vein doctors are national experts in the field having published in books and also articles on vein disease.  We regularly re-evaluate each treatment modalities for safety and efficacy before introducing it into our practice.  The moment that we feel that it’s safe to use in our clinic, we will add it to our procedure offering.  Currently, after evaluating many other treatment modalities – we consider sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and also laser vein ablation as the gold standard in terms of outcome and safety.  Of note, we get a lot of questions regarding doctors who advertise “no knife” surgery or “painless” sclerotherapy,  there are no such thing as these treatments.  This is all marketing gimmicks.  All vein treatments available require the entry of the treatment chosen into your skin barrier – which will require a small incision or some minor discomfort.